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Creative Ways to Get your Dream Job

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creative ways to get your dream job

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Everyone has that one job that they dream about. The job that is so awesome in your mind that it would hardly be like going to work at all.  But in today’s career oriented world full of thousands of applicants you need to stand out. Sometimes the traditional resume or cover letter just doesn’t cut it anymore, or at least they better be noticeable. You need to ramp up your creativity to get the job done.


Counter Perspective: Why Creativity is Keeping Some Students Unemployed


Plan for your interview

Creativity in job hunting needs a solid foundation. So first take some time to list the places you would like to work for.  Take note of your qualities and strengths you will bring to the job and plan a 1-2 minute introduction. Also think of examples and plan ahead as to what you will say in answer to two of the most dreaded questions in interviews.


They are, “Tell me about yourself?” and “Why should I hire you?” Prepare a response that shows success and creativity from your last position and how you will use it to be an asset to the new company. Also make sure you know your interview legal rights to prevent any mishaps, some employers may try to catch you out.


Resumes and CVs

Resumes and CVs (know the difference between a resume and cv here) arrive on employers desks by the hundreds and you need something that will catch the eye and make it zing. Of course, you could jump completely out of the resume box depending on what career you are applying for. For example, if the job you want involves providing a lot of presentations, pitch yourself with an amazing PowerPoint presentation. Are you going to be an info specialist and use a lot of graphs or charts?


Show off your skills with your own personal chart resume. You can also introduce yourself before actually meeting in through a video introduction. If you;re interested in creating a video resume learn how to make a video resume. Of course with all of these methods send the traditional resume too. But by going a step higher to highlight those skills by showing how well you do the job, you just might get that foot in the door you are hoping for.


Another idea could be to make your own clickable resume website. Christine Hall did just that and it worked! You can see the 5 famous examples of world class resumes, let them inspire you. After graduating from college she set up an interactive website with her resume and information and encouraged employers to click their way through it.


Other Approaches

Don’t forget networking. Yes it is a common approach but sometimes the tried and true does work. Always carry business cards and make them as unique as you can while still keeping them professional looking. Add color or a maybe have them shaped differently. For instance a painter can have palette shaped cards or a veterinarian could have one shaped like a dog.


Attend job fairs, conventions and trade shows and talk to everyone while handing out your card. Even if they don’t need someone like you, they may know of someone that does. If your card is unique you’ll be the first one they think of.


There are other things you can do aside from the ordinary looking through ads approach to find your dream job.  Have a party! Just a small networking get together with comfortable places to sit, maybe a small buffet and appropriate light music.  Invite employers and even other job seekers.


People can mingle, enjoy some hours devours, and sit comfortably while they discuss available positions and what they are looking for. A bit unorthodox perhaps but it is more personal. It won’t be like those huge impersonal job events where you fill out an application on a metal chair and expect to hear someone call “Next!”


The job market is difficult to break into and competition is fierce. Give yourself a better chance by believing in yourself and what you can offer and be innovative in searching and applying so you can land that job that makes you feel like you are living the dream.


This is a Guest post by Kate Simmons. Kate is a freelance writer and occasional blogger currently working for Invenio.

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