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Find Employment By Moving & Making A Good Resume

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One of the most popular destinations at the moment - for a plethora of reasons - is Dubai. 


As such, it has become harder for non-residents to get work out there. It used to be that you could go on holiday, walk into an office, ask for a job and get it. At least, that's the story. If it ever was the case, it certainly isn't now.


What, then, is the best way to get a job in Dubai now? Here are a few helpful tips: 


Internal transfer

If you are lucky enough to work for a company that has a presence in the UAE or is considering it, you already have a vastly improved chance of getting work in the country. Naturally, it depends on your particular skill set and the company's requirements overseas, but it never hurts to inquire as to whether there might be the possibility of a transfer. It might be that it never occurred to the boss that he/she needed an [insert your job title here] in the Dubai office. It would make the visa application process much easier too, if your company is seeking the permits on your behalf.


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Are you ready to take on the lure of Dubai?



Register with a recruitment agency in Dubai

This can be done easily from the UK, but it gives you access to a wealth of local knowledge from those that are experts in the region's recruitment. Dubai, as said above, is an extremely popular choice but being in touch with a recruitment consultant in the country could provide you with an insight you might not otherwise have gained.


The consultant will be able to help you with the job-seeking process and will be honest about your chances. You may also have access to roles that are not available elsewhere, due to preferred supplier agreements between the agency and key employers in Dubai. Taking advantage of their expertise is worth the registration alone. 



Dubai, like many other countries, will have published a list of jobs and skills that are in demand. (Here are 5 skills that all employers are looking for.)  The people that possess said skills or have performed said roles in the UK have a much greater chance of working in Dubai. In order to gain a work permit, you must satisfy defined criteria, which probably encompasses salary, age, language skills and whether you have family in Dubai.


This is in addition to your professional attributes. If you really are keen to work in Dubai, it might be that you need to improve your skills as per the in-demand list or even chance your career. This is not likely to be a quick process, but it certainly emphasizes your determination and desire to work in Dubai! 


The rewards of working in Dubai are manifold. The lifestyle is hard to match, just think of all that sunshine, plus earnings are tax-free. Add to that the fact that many of the world's biggest organizations have set up in Dubai, the opportunities could be incredible. No wonder so many people want to work out there.


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