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Modern Day Apprenticeships Offer a Way Forward For Many in the U.K

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It will come as no surprise to anyone to hear that unemployment numbers are up and that the number of young adults deciding to attend university is down.


The way the economy in the UK has altered over recent years has meant that on leaving school or college the options are few and far between and often school leavers take on lower paid jobs to cover their outgoings as they simply can’t afford to go into further education.  It is a “catch 22” situation where people want to train and earn more yet can’t afford to do so in the short term.


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Older adults who want to retrain or move into a new sector either because they have been made redundant or relish a new challenge face similar difficulties in that they are unable to take time off work to learn a new trade or skills therefore are stuck in the job they are in or take another that does not fulfil them personally or financially.


Apprenticeships are the answer for many who wish to retrain however can’t give up their income.


Climbing the ladder + UK apprenticeship

Benefits of Apprenticeships

Clearly the main benefit that comes with changing your career path with an apprenticeship is the fact that you can learn while you do it. There are additional benefits to consider also, such as the support that is available. Apprenticeships have changed a lot in the past ten years so those “in training” are working alongside peers and learning as they go. No longer are apprentices glorified coffee makers and the person responsible for menial tasks that no-one else wants to do.


As a recognised form of training apprenticeships enable those taking part to not only learn practical skill whilst on the job, they also give apprentices the opportunity to gain industry recognised qualifications. While home courses and evening classes are fantastic for learning new skills on a part time basis an apprenticeship provides on-going face to face support throughout.


Earning While You Learn

Leaving school to take on an apprenticeship used to mean you were allowed £30 a week and for the less fortunate nothing as apprentices were considered lucky to be able to work alongside someone who was experienced in their craft. Fortunately it is now recognised that those wishing to be taken on as an apprenticeship in order to expand their skill set or learn a new profession already have skills and experiences to offer and should be paid accordingly.


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Modern day apprentices are paid a pre-arranged salary which enables them to continue to meet their living expenses and contribute to their family as they work and gain relevant experience and qualifications.


Available Career Paths

Apprenticeships are available throughout many sectors from building and construction to healthcare and beyond with the majority of UK trades recognising that by increasing the number of skilled workers available to work of their behalf, the better position they will be in to increase their growth.  Which apprenticeship is chosen would depend on the person undertaking the training, their interests, skills and previous experiences.


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Future Training

Those taking on apprenticeships are a valuable asset to any business and having completed initial training and qualifications are still able to progress further by using what they have already gained to train further and move up the ladder. Modern day apprenticeships give recognised qualifications which may be built upon either with higher level apprentice-based training or university courses as universities fully support apprenticeship-led training.


Starting an apprenticeship is just the start for many as trainees often choose to continue increasing their skill set and of course their earning potential.


Apprenticeships are the ideal solutions for those who want to train yet don’t have the luxury of being able to give up their income to do so. A mutually beneficial arrangement for both employers and trainees, apprenticeships are becoming increasing popular and more and more employers are opening positions for trainees to fill. 

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