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Resume Hall of Fame: 5 Examples of World Class Resumes

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As anybody in the position of hiring staff will attest, sifting through a pile of resumes all showcasing similar skillsets is tedious.  99% of the applicants will use the same stock Microsoft Word templates, putting little thought or effort into their CV beyond filling in the boxes and changing the colour scheme. 


In many cases, you can tell this was just one of a million copies the applicant sent out to a range of employers - there is nothing unique about the resume and no thought has gone into showing the employer why the potential candidate is enthusiastic about working for their company.


A drab, monotonous CV is something you really need to avoid if you’re job hunting.  You will need to take a different approach, especially if you’d like to work somewhere exciting like the Googles or the Facebooks of your chosen field.  You will need to ensure your CV stands out from the crowd.


This is exactly what the following five applicants did: they worked hard to create something new, unique and individual, which got them all noticed.  We’re not suggesting you copy any of the following ideas, but hopefully they’ll get your creative juices flowing. 


Here is our resume hall of fame, including five examples of fun, fab and fantastic world-class resumes:

1) Amazon-style CV: Resume Example

Philippe Dubost, a web product developer, wanted to set his CV apart from all the rest when he started job hunting.  He attempted to sell his skills (quite literally) by using an online CV developed to look like an Amazon page.  

Proving that a little effort, lots of creativity and a dash of personal branding can go a long way, this fabulous looking resume went viral and the creator gained over 100 offers of work.  At the last count, his Facebook page had also gained over 27,000 likes!

After his CV went viral, Dupost told CNN: “if a company thinks this is fun, then that is a company I would like to work for.”


Key takeaways:

●  He created a CV in an instantly recognizable format

●  It was a fun and quirky idea

●  It enabled him to find a company to work for that was on his wavelength

●  It has now helped Dubost build his online profile and personal brand


2) 6 second Vine resume:

6 Second Vine Resume

 Vine is an iPhone app that allows users to make 6 second videos and upload them to social networks.  Twitter purchased the app earlier this year, leading to soaring usage and growing popularity after widespread news coverage.

Dawn Siff, the former Political Director of Fox News Radio, made what is considered the first Vine resume last month.  The finished product went viral almost immediately. 

The fun mini-video actually took around four hours to make, with Siff having to cajole video-producer friends into helping her.  She reveals they did around 10-12 takes using plenty of props and equipment.

The Vine CV received coverage on websites such as BuzzFeed, Mashable, The Huffington Post and more.   According to Twitter, Dawn has some interviews lined up (though we could not verify is this was due to the Vine video).


Key takeaways:

●  Learn the 5 tips to creating a video resume and use new technology innovatively that might get you noticed.

●  In this case, Dawn’s persistence paid off – she got to advertise herself over top media properties with her Vine.  You need to weigh up if your idea will be worth it too so take a find out if video resumes are worth creating.

● See the top 7 funniest video resumes of all time.





3) Advertise that you’re looking for a job by hiring a billboard:

 After sending out hundreds of paper resumes, 24-year-old Adam Pacitti spent his last £500 on a billboard advertising that he was looking for a job.  He wanted a job in the media, knowing he would be up against hundreds - if not thousands - of other applicants for every role.  On the billboard was a web address that contained details of Pacitti’s education and work history.Adam Pacitti Billboard Resume

The unique billboard went viral on the web and Pacitti landed his dream job only one month later. 




Key takeaways:

●  Being adventurous might just pay off!

●  Always think outside of the box!


4) Facebook page resume

Sabrina Saccoccio is a TV, radio print and web producer who decided to take a format everyone is familiar with - a Facebook page - and turn it into a resume.  She sent it to Steve Pratt, the director of CBC Radio 3 who unfortunately couldn’t offer her a role due to a hiring freeze. Pratt did post the creative resume on his blog, hoping this would lead to somebody else offering her a position. 

How To Create a Facebook Page Resume

Saccoccio tailor-made her CV specifically for Radio 3, even including their video podcast R3TV as one of her favourite digital TV programmes in the interest section

of her ‘Facebook Page.’

Speaking about the fantastic resume, Pratt said:

“I hope it’s true that she loves the Radio 3 stuff this much, but even if it’s not, just having it on the resume goes WAY farther than 99% of other job applicants to show that she’s familiar with our programming and our music universe.”



Key takeaways:

●   While Saccoccio didn’t land her dream job at the CBC Radio 3 network, it did lead to strangers looking out for relevant job opportunities on her behalf.

●  Being creative can get you noticed by those at the top of the industry

●  People like it when you tailor your CV to the organisation you’re approaching.


5)  Google Resume:

How To Create a Google Resume

Eric Gandhi produced a Google-themed resume, which he put up on his LinkedIn page.  A Google employee found the CV and offered to refer Gandhi for a position there.

The concept was clever, Gandhi had made it look like somebody had Googled desirable traits, such as “hard working, talented, excellent designer, unique, creative”, and the result read: “Did you mean: Eric Gandhi?



Key takeaways:

●  A little creativity landed Ghandi with an interview at a very desirable company

● The use of social media got him the job.

●  He was essentially headhunted, after an employee of Google found the CV!



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