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Spring 2014 Scholarship Winners Announcement!

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Spring 2014 scholarship application period now closed

Following the launch of our scholarship program in September 2013, we have received hundreds of applications for the $1,000 funds we make available, each semester, for the best student resume writer (


This past weekend saw the application deadline for the Spring 2014 semester scholarship. We want to say a huge thank-you to all the students that took the time to apply and also the schools that helped ensure the success of this scholarship program. We are already looking forward to reading the Fall 2014 applications, which are being accepted now until 15 June, 2014.


You choose who wins!

Following such overwhelming interest and with so many talented young minds out there, we struggled to select one final winner…there were simply too many great applications. So, to make it more interesting, we have selected 10 finalists – we want YOU to vote for the winner!


How to vote

To cast your vote, share your favorite finalist page via social media. The finalists page with the most social media shares via Facebook, Google+, and Twitter before January 8, 2014, wins!


Click the link below to view the finalists. You will be able to view all 10 submissions, and why we felt these resumes were worth $1,000.




We have also created a page showcasing the runners up and also a post with some of the most entertaining resumes submitted. Click the links below and enjoy!





5 things to consider when voting

Creativity: Just because a resume is written about a non-fictional person does not make it uncreative. We believe that our finalists who wrote about non-fictional people have put a cute, clever, or funny spin on their life work.


At the same time, they still meet the criteria of being considered strong resumes, because they are internally consistent, logical, and well presented.


Effort: Writing a strong resume, even for yourself, requires a significant amount of effort. You need to be able to write concise, complete sentences that explain the impact you had at your job.


In the case of writing a document that is fictional or non-fictional, that requires doing actual research.


Accuracy: How is the grammar and spelling? Even a single mistake can doom a resume in the real world. And never tell any lies!


Aesthetic: What do you think of the “look and feel” of each resume? This is a very subjective category, because some people will like a more “infographic” style, while others will prefer a more traditional resume.


The key here is readability. Can you quickly read and grasp the important key points? Infographic resumes and traditional resumes have their own strengths and weaknesses.


Best Resume Practice: This means that the document generally follow the conventionally recommended “rules” that experts and hiring managers prefer to see. This means that they have these sections:


1, Career Objective or Qualifications Summary

2. Education

3. Professional Experience

4. Additional Skills

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