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Resumes for the unemployed or about to be unemployed

The current economic climate is tough, and employers are well aware of this. You should not feel stigmatized about being unemployed, and there are specific ways in which to structure your resume if you find yourself unemployed.

If you are a student

Find yourself unemployed after graduating recently? Follow the same guidelines in our resumes for students tutorial, with a few minor exceptions. You should highlight any part-time or volunteer work completed since graduation. The idea is to demonstrate that you´ve been busy, instead of standing still.

You´ll also want to make some modification to your graduation date. Lets say you graduated in June 2010 and its now November 2010. Instead of saying you graduated in June 2010, say you graduated in 2010. Use our education wizard to auto-phrase.

If you have at least 2 years of experience

As a professional, the strategy is similar to our resumes for professionals tutorial. There is no precedent that says you need to disclose why you are currently unemployed, so leave that off your resume. If during the interview you are asked about your previous employment situation, however, you should answer truthfully. Use our search technology to uncover resume phrases for your occupation.

Urgency and frequency

The secret to finding a new job is to be constantly looking for new opportunities, day in and day out. Beyond looking online, reach out to your high school/college network, local community and civic organizations and former work colleagues. Join social networking sites like and Attend local career fairs and conferences. The idea is to stay busy and get to get your name out there. But the first step is to craft a professional resume. Without one, you´ll be spinning your wheels and wasting your time.

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