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Accounting Resume Samples and Tips

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Accounting Resume Samples

Accounting Resume Writing Guide

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Accountancy and finance related jobs include a wide range of professions. Accountants and auditors are responsible for a number of duties that focus on preparing and maintaining financial records, and ensuring taxes are prepared and paid correctly, in the most tax efficient way to benefit the person or organization being represented.


This page provides useful tips and guidance when preparing an accounting resume, and is relevant to a number of related professions, including:


Student Accountants Accounts Receivable
Staff Accountants Billing Clerks
Treasury Analyst Accounts Supervisors
Chartered ccountants CPAs
Actuary Analysts Senior Accountants
Budget Analysts Auditors
Quantity Surveyors Book keepers

Accounting Resume Samples:




Accounting Resume Writing Guide:


When writing your own resume, make sure it is tailored to the employer's specific requirements, based on your work experience and the job you are applying for. For more information read about what accounting recruiters look for in a resume.



Contact Details:


Be sure to use a professional sounding email. For example, ‘’ won’t win you any jobs! Preferable email addresses follow this sort of format:


  • ‘’


If you don’t want to use a company email address, we recommend Gmail:


  • ‘’


Provide a single contact phone number to a phone that you have sole control over. You don’t want family members listening to your voicemails then forgetting to pass on the message, or nonsensical toddlers answering the phone while you are listening to music!



Career Objective or Profile:


Imagine you are in an elevator with the hiring manager of your dream job. You have 30 seconds to pitch to him why he should give you a job. What would you say? Think about this, and then write it down. This can be used as a ‘Profile’ or ‘Career Objective’.


Keep it short and ensure it targets the specific job opening.


  • Accountant with over 10 years experience working in different financial firms rising up the rank from accounts assistant to senior accountant. Possesses an MBA in Financial Management, CPA and foundation certifications in Microsoft Office.



Accounting Resume wins monopoly man big bag of cash

Hey there, Moneybags. Ready to write a resume?


Professional Experience


This is arguably the most important area of your resume so be sure to get it right! This is where you showcase your key achievements from your recent work history (previous 10-15years).


Follow these essential tips -


  • List your work history in reverse chronological order
  • Ensure this section resembles a funnel – with most information contained within most recent jobs, then less detail provided for older jobs.
  • Review the specific role of the job you are applying for, then include duties/responsibilities you performed that match.
  • Focus on showing your achievements in each role – how much did you save your employer in 1 year? What was the size of the team you lead? Show this information using plenty of quantified data – numbers catch a recruiter’s eye quicker than words.
  • Start each bullet point with action verbs, don’t use personal pronouns,
  • The 1st bullet point under each job should be used to give an outline of the size of the company you worked at/the scope of your responsibility (company description). Give insight using specific details, for example:


Provided treasury analysis for US’s 3rd largest financial group, with total revenue over $9.5 billion around new products, acquisitions and projects.



More Bullet Point Examples –

  • Prepared, examined, and analyzed accounting records, financial statements, and other financial reports to assess accuracy, completeness, and conformance to reporting and procedural standards.
  • Computed taxes owed and prepared tax returns, ensuring compliance with payment, reporting and other tax requirements.





A straightforward presentation of your academic qualifications is needed here – no embellishing, simply list the school attended, degree and major, and year of graduation (optional). Additionally any academic awards can be included – deans list, for example, or high GPA’s (3.0 or above).


Licenses and Certification


As an accountant you probably have a selection of up-to-date certification and licenses. This section is where you showcase these, for example ‘Certified Public Accountant’. This can be placed further up your resume if you feel this is the most important factor when applying to a job post.


Additional Skills


This is an optional section, great for showcasing language skills or computer software knowledge, e.g.


  • CPA certified.
  • ICDL certified
  • Proficient in QuickBooks.
  • Fluency in English and Mandarin Chinese


 Avoid generic statements like ‘’team player” or “highly motivated”.


Resume Do Not's!


When writing your resume, DO NOT…


…use generic phrases like ‘great communication skills’ or ‘real team player’.

…include images or photos…no matter how pretty you are!

…use pronouns.

…use overly exuberant font/color schemes. Keep it simple; black ink, size 10-14 font will be perfect.

…make it too long! 2 pages MAX, ideally 1 page.

…list endless ‘day to day’ responsibilities.

…forget to run a spell check!


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