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Agriculture Resume Samples

The agriculture industry and its resume formats span a wide variety of occupations for the cultivation and trade of plants and animals.


Although an Agriculture resume format is not always necessary in this industry it is still useful for certain candidates, you’d be surprised what skills you actually have, boosting your confidence and helping you to describe your experience in any interview. With a few simple tips you can create a drought-proof resume that you can use should you ever need to present a resume. 


Thanks to growth in newer agricultural markets the future is bright for the farmer, both large and small, as is indicative of a recent report showing the growth in farmers markets across America. 


Alright, now lets dig in a little further, find out what makes resumes grow. 


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I. How to Write an Agriculture Resume

II. Agriculture Resume Samples


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I. How To Write an Agriculture Resume


Some factors to consider when formatting your resume for an agricultural position:


1) Create a story on your resume defining your particular segment of the agriculture industry and the position

2) You may have certificates in health & safety or machinery operation amongst others that you can add to the format of your resume

3) You may have built relationships with a multitude of people that you can point out on your resume as well as budget control


Career Objective of an Agriculture Resume


It’s all about revealing your years of experience, your tricks of the trade and your techniques for profitability. 


Be the true professional and define what you can do in field, maybe you’re a good salesperson of livestock or you are able to develop long term relationships with customers to your farm.



Watch this short 5 minute video on how to write your Agriculture resume. Courtesy of Resume Companion.


Agriculture Resume Formats Keywords


Using verb-phrases at the beginning of every job description is the way that all professional resumes are written. What does that mean? Check out the picture sample below.


Agriculture Resume Format Help


1) Think of action verbs that showcase your ability to plan. You can see the examples highlighted above. There are more, such as; 'ensured,' 'targeted,' and 'produced.'

2) You may also promote your ability to maintain budgets and meet deadlines for deliveries and shipments.


And hey, try to have a little fun with your resume, like this guy does with his hay:


II. Agriculture Resume Sample


If you're wondering what a carefully formatted and written Agricultural resume looks like check out the sample before. Of course, you will want to use your own experiences, skills and knowledge for your own resume, but you can still reference the image below. With the tips above and this sample you should have no problem writing a grade-A resume. If you have any questions about any of the resume writing process let us know in the comments below, we'd love to hear from you! 



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