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Apartment Manager Resume Sample

An Apartment Manager takes responsibility for the day to day operations of an apartment complex. The job often includes collecting rent, delinquency proceedings, handling tenant complaints, requests and comments. It also the job of the Apartment Manager to fill any vacancies they may have on the property through the newspaper or Internet ad forums. One more key responsibility would be to maintain the property by arranging repairs to anything such as the plumbing, roofing, and other ongoing maintenance. 


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Apartment Managers often supervise a team of staff, from groundskeepers to maintenance crew, in order to maintain both the property and the safety of its tenants. In order to apply for such a position you must have exceptional people and problem solving skills. It also doesn’t hurt to have a degree but usually a Certification in Property Management works just as well.


Below is an Apartment Manager sample resume - this is ideally formatted to fit one page. It is important to keep your resume short in length, since recruiting managers often have to review large volumes of resumes, with most only receiving a few seconds of the recruiter's time. A shorter resume needs to be more targeted, and so catch the recruiter's eye easily. 


Key qualities this resume possesses are:

  • Clear and concise career objective
  • Not too many bullet points listed 
  • Kept to one page in length
  • Spacious page payout, not looking cluttered, therefore easier to read


Ways to improve this resume:


  • Provide an overview of the size, value and number of properties managed
  • Include quantitative data to make the resume more eye-catching (e.g. budgets values in USD terms)
  • Include a LinkedIn profile



Apartment Manager Resume Sample



The following template has ben provided for you to use when constructing you own resume. Feel free to copy & paste the text over to a word file then edit in your own details. 





714 Wood Creek, Chicago, IL52907

(212) 204-5645


An Apartment Manage with over 10 years of experience marketing, public relations and, communication. Possesses a Masters in Business Administration




Apartment Manager March 2002 – Present

  • Collected rent, deposits, and, all past due fees from tenants on the 1st of every month.
  • Hired excellent security providers/watchmen to ensure complete and sound security
  • Made notes of property and unit damage along with budget costs and man hours.
  • Had visited the municipal corporation's office on a regular basis to check updates in the apartment policies
  • Took care of all tenant complaints, concerns, questions and, requests on a daily basis.



Assistant Apartment Manager September 1998 – Present

  • Had to assist the apartment manager in the daily operations of the property as requested.
  • Kept track of all rent payments, deposits, late fees and, failure to pay issues.
  • Made supervision of all office administration, groundskeepers and maintenance crew during apartment manager’s absence.
  • Help to maintain an efficient operation of the property consistent with Loss Prevention and Corporate Office policies.




Masters in Business Administration, June 1995

  • On Dean’s List
  • Captain of Chess Club



  • Communication
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing

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