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Art Resume Samples

On this page we explain how to write an art resume and entertainment resume and also provide resume samples. To navigate to the relevant section quickly, feel free to click the following links:


I) How To Write an Art Resume

II) How To Write Acting and Entertainment Resume


Free Resume Samples:


Make Up Artists Resume Sample Musician Sample Resume
Visual Artist Sample Resume



As with any other resume, your goal is to convey your qualifications and experience to a company/organization clearly and efficiently. Although styling should obviously be a concern to an artist, hiring managers put far more emphasis on the substance of your resume.


If you’re unsure about how to style a good looking resume, and don’t know how to write its content, please check out our resume builder, which will literally do all of the hard work for you.


How to Write an Art Resume


We’ve written these formatting tips in the order they should appear on your resume. If you are an Entry Level candidate, you may want to put your Education Section above the Professional Experience section. 


Contact Details


“Who are you?” Now is not the time to get philosophical. Put all of this information in:


  • First Name, Last Name
  • Your address
  • Telephone/Cellphone number
  • E-mail address


Career Objective


The career objective should be no longer than two sentences. You want to concisely describe how long you’ve been professionally active, your main qualifications and skills, and what you hope to accomplish with those traits. Try to mold your career objective so that your goals meet the needs of the company that you are applying for. Hopefully you’re a flexible enough person to bend your goals a bit and see different avenues to whatever ends you’re chasing.


  • Art Design Director with over 10 years experience, maintaining client relationships, problem analysis, and graphic design. Possesses a B.A. in Graphic Design and various design software knowledge


  • Art Administrator with 15 years of experience working for a commercial gallery, detail orientation and prioritizing deadlines. Possesses a B.A. in Fine Art and holds the utmost pride in gallery work.


If you have a lot of professional experience, it is a much better idea to write a "Qualifications Summary". We highly recommend that you read the information in this blog post to find out how.


Professional Experience


Before reading on, be sure to read about these 5 silly ways your resume could end up in the trash.


When you are writing your resume, you should always keep in mind WHO you are trying to work for. If they are education related, emphasize that kind of experience. If you’re applying for a gallery, emphasize the fact that you’ve produced a lot of displayed work.


If you’re emphasizing galleries and exhibitions, include the gallery name, location, and the date. When listing exhibitions, include the exhibition name, the location, the sponsoring group’s name, and the year. Do not include open exhibitions, as they lack prestige.


Artists of all stripes should be HEAVILY promoting themselves on social media. It's essential that you use it to get your name out there, and make sure it stays out there. This can count, in some ways, as your online resume. This blog post details how to use social media to best promote yourself.


What to Write

  • List your work history from the last 10 - 15 years in reverse chronological order
  • Under each job, create a list of 4-5 bullet points
  • Summarize your primary responsibilities and accomplishments in each job
  • Always begin each one with an action verb phrase, followed by whatever duty you accomplished.
  • Focus on the industry specifics that show your knowledge and understanding of the art world



  • “Produced artistic products for a mid-sized gallery selling canvas displays, post cards, oil paintings, and birthday cards.”
  • "Developed and implemented a cohesive vision of strategy for the RHOA's existing collection of modern and contemporary works of art to benefit both the local community and the broader public"
  • "Worked closely with Copy and Account Services as a cohesive team player to ensure that strategic goals and objectives are met"


Education Section

You spent a lot of money on your education, so put it in your resume

Information to include:


  • College Name
  • College Location
  • Program/Major/Degree
  • Date of Graduation
  • GPA (if 3.5 or above)


If you have less than 4 years professional experience it is recommended to put your education at the top of the page, since this is your selling factor! If you were given any awards at school, such as graduating Cum Laude, or championing an Art social group, list these achievements to give your resume more weight. 


Software Knowledge


The modern art and design world often involves using numerous forms of computing software. Knowledge and experience with design software can make the difference between getting and not getting a job - consider including a section summarizing your software knowledge, or include them in the 'additional skills' section. 



Additional Skills


You’re an artist, so you have skills. Can you use art related software? Are you skilled with oil painting, charcoal drawings, sketching, anatomy, and other such things? List them! Skills mean flexibility, and bosses love that.


The arts and entertainment industry is varied in scope and so are the resume formats that come with it. Sometimes even a well-written resume won’t be enough to get your foot in the door. For example, if you’re a graphic designer there’s a good chance you’ll need a portfolio of work whilst on the other hand if you’re an actor a photo and description of your bodily credentials may be necessary.


Here are 10 traits all employers are looking for in potential applicants.


How to Write an Acting and Entertainment Resume


Art Resume Format HelpTomorrow and tomorrow and creeps the petty pace of resumes.


Some factors to consider when writing your resume format for an arts and entertainment position:


1) Feel free to name drop, companies, industry experts and on-screen/print projects you may have worked with or on

2) This is a relationship industry like no other, network and have a back up of solid references you can hand at an interview

3) This industry may allow for more unorthodox resume styles, research our resume template samples for more ideas


Resume Case Study – Acting


Screen actors should compile a 'Demo-Reel' and have it posted on YouTube, open to view by anyone. This should be short in length, no more than 3 to 5 minutes is best if you are relatively unknown. This link is then sent to any directors/casting agents for them to view.


Try to:

  • Show your 'range' in roles, and also emotions
  • Include any big name shows/productions you featured in
  • If you shared any scenes with big-name actors, include these


Here's a great video explaining how to put together your demo reel:



As an actor or actress the format of your resume should be primarily project and achievement based. Consider mentioning:


1) Any theatrical, on-stage, film or television experiences

2) Industry awards and honors

3) Any acting education, drama centers, etc.

4) Professional affiliations

5) Your age, height, weight and a headshot photo

6) Additional skills that may embellish your experience or link you to a particular role such as sports, circus tricks (juggling, tightrope), how much you can lift, dancing, languages etc.

7) Your ability to travel or re-locate if necessary


Here's an example of how to include any honors or rewards you've earned during your career:


Arts and Entertainment Resume Format Assistance


Further Acting Resume Sample Advice


An acting resume format can span a multitude of paths or it may be dedicated to one style of acting.


It’s important that you highlight your main achievements, especially if you have a long career. If, for example, you are a child actor it may be more important to define your personality and education.


On the other hand, if you’re a veteran West End actor, showcase your acting accolades and how many seats you sold. Your next acting project awaits you.


But before you start your resume, be sure to read these 4 insane but true things about resumes. They'll help you contextualize how to write it.


Keywords and phrases for an Arts and Entertainment Resume


  • Willing to travel (Acting)
  • Ability to meet deadlines (Journalist)
  • Proficient with Adobe packages (Graphic Designer)
  • Effectively manages people (Choreographer)


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