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Communications Resume Samples and Tips

Good job! You’ve landed on the communications resume format guide page! If you came here hoping to learn how to write a communication resume, you've struck gold.


I. How to Write a Communications Resume

II. Expert Tips

III. Communications Industry Resume Samples 


Communications is a very broad industry that is fragmented into many sub-industries. This guide offers advice that is both applicable to the industry as a whole as well as most sub-industries. Offering tailored advice from the Communications Executive level down to the humble DJ, these tips should help anyone in their job search.


How to Write a Communications Resume


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Identifying Your Target

Communications as an industry can mean your job role has varied hugely, which means that your resume may need to be written to target more specific job roles within the communications industry. It is not uncommon to have multiple versions of your resume. If you don't want to create multiple versions of your resume then think hard about the position you are applying to in order to write the most specific communications resume possible. 


If writing a Vice President of Marketing Strategy resume, you will focus more on managerial skills as well as organizational skills. Advertorial knowledge, marketing knowledge and analytical abilities are all things that will want to be expressed. Some bullets may include:

  • Directed radio commercial campaign resulting in 40% revenue growth, quarterly. 
  • Managed editorial team of 15 and directed 20 major advertorial campaigns across web, print, radio and television


Bullet points will be much different in a different sector of communications, such as a Director of Internal Communications, where human resource management will be more of a focus than marketing. 

  • Implemented meeting notification system resulting in 80% reduction in paper use and increase of attendance by 20%
  • Expanded 3 departments by a total of 200 employees and increased talent retention by 67%


Communications Career Objective


The career objective should ideally be two sentences long, and contain only the most relevant information for the communications job you’re applying for. If you’re a professional, include how long you’ve been working in communications, list software skills that you’ve picked up along the way, the types of roles you’ve filled, and projects you’ve successfully managed or completed. As mentioned above, focus in your objective the specific segment of communications you are applying to, in a clear and succinct manner, unlike this old chap..




For instance:


"Communications professional for 8 years seeking challenging employment, having managed budgets of over $150,000 to put on large scale events for various production companies. Possess a BA in communications, am an excellent communicator, and have a deep familiarity with Microsoft and Adobe Suite products."


Now that's a mouth watering Career Objective! 


This section can be tricky if you have limited experience, but new graduates should take a different approach to resume writing - student resume writing advice can be found here.


Writing the Professional Experience

In the career objective section, you gave the hiring manager a view from 10,000 feet. This is where they come down and start sifting through your experience with a fine-tooth comb. Primarily they will study it for these traits, listed in order from most important to least important.


  • Experience Relevance (remember to specify what sector of communications you specialize in)
  • Scope of experience (capacities within the company in which you operated)
  • Unrelated job experience performance (avoid including unrelated job experience, it will only dilute the point of your resume)


Make a heading for every company you worked for (unless the experience is over 15 years old.) Include your job title and the length of time you worked there. Underneath each heading, write some bullet points explaining what you did. Begin each bullet point with an action verb phrase like “wrote briefings and mockups for…” or “communicated with production agencies…” Try to attach numerical values to your job duties, so that the hiring manager understands how much work you did, and has a clear grasp of your capabilities. 


Education Section


Include your university degree but also any communications related training or certifications you may have gained as part of "on the job" training with a previous employer. Companies love to find talent that's already been invested heavily in by other companies already, but remember, they won't know that unless you tell them, so use your COMMUNICATION skills to clearly express your employability! 


Expert Tips

One place to differentiate yourself within the communications industry is you're additional skills section. If transferring from a different job chances are you will have some unique skills that can be useful for the new job you are applying to. Remember, you're a communications specialist, so translate those skills to whatever sector you're applying within!


How fast can you type? What kind of software can you use? How good are your communication skills? Ever held a leadership positions? Or have you ever trained employees? Are you bilingual? Ever had cross-cultural experiences? Go hog wild on your skills section, but try to keep it limited to skills relevant to the job. Your ability to manipulate a crane won’t work all that well in an office setting. Conversely, having meeting organization or public speaking skills from your last experience may be handy in other sectors as well. 


Communications Resume Samples

If you still have questions specific to your communications resume, cover letter, job application or interview let us know in the comments below and one of our Senior Resume Consultants will personally respond so you can get that job, fast. 


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