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Correctional Officer Resume Sample

What is a Correctional Officer?

A Correctional Officer is someone who works as a guard in a correctional facility or prison. Their duties can include counseling, transporting prisoners and guarding certain areas of the facility. If a prisoner has escaped or has violated their parole terms, the Correctional Officer can act as escorts to bring the prisoners back to the correctional facility or prison.


They can also be assigned to guard suspects who have been arrested and are waiting for a trial or hearing. Some of their other responsibilities are searching prisoners and cells for contraband, screening incoming and outgoing mail, conducting security and safety sweeps of the facility premises. They may also screen visitors and maintain reports.


The education requirement for this position is a High School Diploma. However, some employers do prefer an Associate or Bachelor’s in Corrections or Criminal Justice.


Correctional Officer Resume

Correctional Officer Resume Sample



A few tips:

  • Miranda highlights her key responsibilities especially her ability to work through the chain of command of the prison. A key skill especially regarding how hierarchical a prison can be.
  • We would like to see Miranda quantify the amount of prisoners and any key regulations she followed on a daily basis.
  • Miranda does a good job with her additional skills stating her ability to use firearms. We would like to see her mention that safety is priority at all times so a gun license is necessary.




Miranda K. Jones

1994 Passaic Street, Washington, DC20009

(302) 299-6253


A Correctional Officer with over 10 years of experience in screening, firearms and, security software. Possesses an Associate in Corrections.





Correctional Officer December 2001 – Present

  • Guarded certain areas of the facility and monitored prisoner activity with security equipment.
  • Did a weekly search of prisoners and cells for contraband e.g. weapons and drugs.
  • Maintained reports of prisoners’ behavior and files including visitors and phone calls.
  • Communicated information regarding security, safety and, operations through the chain of command.


Correctional Officer July 1997 – December 2001

  • Checked IDs of authorized personnel leaving facility and searched visitors coming in.
  • Screened ingoing and outgoing mail for any contraband or illegal activity.
  • Wrote narrative reports describing events that have happened, such as confidential reports,
  • Maintained cell records, shift switch files, activity logs and, other misc. prison documentation.
  • Transported prisoners who have escaped or been convicted to the correctional facility.




Associate in Corrections, June 1997

  • Graduated with a 4.0 G.P.A
  • Graduated in the 4 percentile



  • Good judgment and decision making skills
  • Able to skillfully use firearms and other law enforcement equipment
  • Can handle emergency situations in a quick manner


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