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Customer Service Resume Samples and Tips


Welcome to Resume Companion’s Customer Service jobs and careers page. On this page you can find an overview of what a customer service job entails, what attributes you need to be good at this job, and also some crucial statistics like what the average wage is and what sectors are paying the most.


Further down the page you can find our resume writing guide, full of invaluable advice specific to writing a customer service resume. We also have a selection of free resume templates and samples for you to use when crafting your new resume. We highly recommend you try our free resume builder, it's easy to use and will give you a professionally written resume in no time, tailored for your needs. Click here and get started! 


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How To Write a Customer Service Resume

Resume templates and examples

Customer service - overview

Wage - what to expect


Resume Templates and Samples



How to Write a Customer Service Resume



Contact Details


If a resume falls into a hiring manager's hands without a name, does it make a sound? Write in these details.


  • First/Last Name
  • Permanent Address
  • Phone #’s
  • E-mail
  • LinkedIn Link (optional)


If you aren't sure whether your online profiles portray you in a good light, read this article on our blog and find out!

Career Objective:


TIP: Look up the company's customer service goals and make sure your career objective matches these. Keep it short and powerful!


For this section, write an introductory sentence or two, explaining your key achievements and goals, tailored to meet the expectations of the recruiting company. 


This will give the hiring manager a good idea – at a glance -- of who you are, what you’re capable of, and whether you’re a good fit for the job. They will highly appreciate this, as it makes their job easier, and will make you a more attractive candidate in their mind.


Include how long you’ve been in customer service.


Professional Experience Section:


Write this section in reverse-chronological order, meaning your most recent experience is written at the top. Determine the nature of your greatest accomplishments as a customer service worker at each job that you held. Begin each job section with this greatest accomplishment. Start every bullet point with a verb-phrase, because this is how every professional resume is currently formatted.


Some common verb-phrases that you’ll see on a customer service resume are:


  • “Respond to customer complaints…”
  • “Provide information to guests…”
  • “Sell services to customers…”
  • “Listen to customer suggestions…”


Try to give the hiring manager an idea of how big your company is, and how many guests you dealt with on a daily basis.


It is important you keep this section concise - do not write endless lists of 'dato-to-day' duties, it doesn't matter whether you kept the check-out area tidy, or watered the plants on a daily basis! Your resume needs to be a powerful and concise summary of your main responsibilities and achievements, in only the most recent and relevant jobs you've held! 

If it's not relevant to a customer service job, or if it happened more than 15 years ago, leave it out! 


Education Section:


Any learning experience is relevant. However, if you attended college, don’t include your high school. Here’s the basic information they’ll want to see on your resume:


  • School Name
  • School Location
  • Degree/Major/Program
  • Date of Graduation
  • GPA (3.5 or higher)


Entry-level candidates should absolutely include extra curricular activities such as volunteer work, club memberships, social chairs, and anything else of that variety. Your lack of work experience can be buffeted by the fact that you’re social and active, which represents confidence and competence. Find out more about this section on our free resources page.


Additional Skills


Got skills? Write them down.


Bilingual Ability | Software | WPM | Coding | Interpersonal Communication | Leadership | Management | Internet research


There are many, many more. Try to keep them within the realm of the job you’re applying for, however. A customer service representative does not need to be able to swallow a flaming sword!



Customer Service Jobs:


Customer service representatives are the face of the company – they interact with customers and are there to provide support, guidance, and a whole range of services on behalf of the organization.


On a personal level, if you are considering a career in customer service, there are a few core skills you need to possess to succeed:


1.     Interpersonal skills – you must feel relaxed and confident communicating with people from all backgrounds. You may also need to quickly develop and maintain relationships.


2.     Communication skills – it is essential you communicate clearly and efficiently when dealing with customers. This includes being able to speak on the phone and face to face. You also need reliable written skills since a lot of customer service involves responding to written correspondence.


3.     Patience and empathy – a large portion of customer service work evolves resolving customer complaints. An angry customer needs to feel you are listening and that you understand their complaint. You need to remain patient when looking to resolve a customer issue – remember you will be dealing with people from all walks of life.


4.     Problem solving skills – your key responsibility is to ensure customer satisfaction. This means resolving any issues presented by a customer, no matter how unexpected they are – you need to think quick and act.


The general entry requirement is a high school diploma, and a great thing about customer service work is that each company has it’s own unique customer service ‘ethos’, or set values. This means you can expect in-house training. 



old timey phone operators enjoy reading customer service resumes
These ladies are having their ears yelled off.


Top Tip - How to Excel


We’ve all dealt with customer service representative before, and we definitely remember the bad ones! Ever had one that couldn’t work their own computer system? Or one that typed REALLY slowly? Probably the worst of all are the superficial customer service representative that comes across completely fake! DON’T BE THAT PERSON.

Give yourself an advantage, make sure you have refined your computer skills, and practice dealing with people in a genuine manner!



So you’ve decided you want to apply for a customer service job – what can you expect in way of compensation? Customer service wages vary, depending on what sector the organization employing you works in. To give you a ball-park figure, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2012  the mean hourly wage was $15.95, with an average annual income of over $33,000.


The highest paying industries as a customer service representative are:


Industry Mean hourly wage Average annual income
Pipeline transportation of natural gas   $25.79 $53,500
Railroad rolling stock manufaturing $23.56 $49,000
Aerospace product and parts manufacturing $23.48 $48,500
Support activities for mining $23.29 $48,500
Natural gas distribution $23.23 $48,000


These are all quite specialized industries, and not all of us live anywhere near an aerospace products and parts manufacturer! So here's a selection of well paying, more accessible industries for you to seek a customer service job within:


Industry Mean hourly wage Average annual wage
Cable and other subscription TV programming $18.74 $39,000
Insurance carriers $17.55 $36,500
Wireless telecommunication carriers $16.53 $35,000



Not everybody has what it takes to work in customer service!




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