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Data Entry Clerk Resume Sample

Working as a data entry clerk requires quick typing skills, accuracy and a whole lot of persistence. This data entry clerk resume sample pinpoints a candidate who works in two particular sectors, so configure the example resume to fit the job description and industry you wish to apply to.


You may also focus on any extra skills or experience you may have such as administration volunteering work or computer projects. If you have extensive experience, or multiple certifications or perhaps a particularly diverse range of skills to showcase, consider adding additional sections to this resume, check out additional sections here for ideas.


Data Entry Clerk Resume Example


Key Takeaways:

Let's analyze this document in further detail to get a deeper understanding of what makes it good and what could be improved to make it even better. By looking at the sample from both perspectives hopefully the reader can gain a deeper understanding of what makes a resume effective. First we'll start with the positives. 

  • Fits nicely on one page (brevity is good for simple positions such as Data Entry Clerk)
  • Highlights years of experience immediately in the career objective.
  • Refers to industry specific skillsets such as Microsoft Office, a requiem of any successful Data Entry Clerk. 
  • It appears the resume was printed on high quality paper, a subtle but definitely impactful decision. 


Now, like all things in life, there is still some room for improvement in this resume. It's a good idea to have a friend proofread your resume and give you their opinion, both positive and negative, if you really want to craft an exceptional resume. Some things that this candidate could improve include:

  • This resume is actually a little too short in length, as there is an excess of white space at the bottom. Try to make the page appear as full as possible, perhaps include some more data entry skills.
  • Bullet points lack numerical quantification. For example, when referring to filing, the applicant could state the size of the database, number of files or patients/customers managed, this would lend scope to the duty. 




Data Entry Clerk Resume Template

3433 Silver Limits, Convict Lake, Missouri, 64951

(212) 204-5645


Data Entry Clerk with over 4 years of experience in the legal and accounts sector using web based systems, meeting deadlines and multitasking. Possesses an advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office and an excellent typing speed.





Data Entry Clerk September 1998 – Present

  • Enter data to include new admissions, plan of care forms, entry/transmission and other electronic forms as required
  • Interpret reports relative to transmissions
  • Filing, opening and sorting the mail, photocopying and assisting the public
  • Efficiently and accurately process data entry tasks for the accounting team
  • Consistently meet standards of production and quality in the completion of assigned tasks



Data Entry Clerk September 1998 – Present

  • Enter traffic, criminal, and civil data into court-automated systems with accuracy and processing legal documents and court records
  • Assist with billing preparation of RAPS and Finals as requested
  • Generate/correct reports as requested by agency administration
  • Assist with copying, filing, and administrative projects as assigned
  • Comply with all company policies and departmental procedures, ensuring honest and ethical conduct at all times




Sociology Candidate, June 1995

  • Graduated Cum Laude
  • Captain of Braithelle Hockey Girls Team
  • Fundraised $650 for Children In Need Charity



  • 85WPM Typing speed, 9,000+ characters per hour
  • Microsoft Office (Advanced)
  • QuickBooks (Intermediate)
  • Trilingual English, Gaelic and Russian



**Bonus Data Entry File Clerk Resume Sample!


To be quick at typing is just one of the skills of a data entry file clerk. Data file clerks must also be very precise, accurate and thorough in their work ethic to be effective as companies depend on you. Whilst perusing this free data entry file clerk resume sample notice that the candidate has highlighted their typing speed in addition to their knowledge of software packages, these are key skills to have for a position such as this. 


Change this sample resume to your own data entry experience and qualifications. Avoid any major resume faux pas' by reading this short blog on 'what not to include in your resume'! Trust us, it's worth checking out. 


Data Entry File Clerk Resume Example



9623 Sunny Shadow Corner, Ratsville, Massachusetts, 01508

(219) 204-5645


Data Entry File Clerk with over 5 years of experience managing time effectively and filing various important documents within committed deadlines. Possesses an associate’s degree in Geography and a quick typing speed.




Data Entry File Clerk September 1998 – Present

  • Indexing documents into the File Net system and prep and batch documents for scanning
  • Operate a variety of data entry equipment to transform, transcribe and verify source material to computer-readable media
  • Enter into database and retrieve data from computer terminal according to established guidelines
  • Perform basic management of electronic files (print, copy, transfer and delete) Accesses information from a computer and/or maintains a computer database



Data Entry Clerk September 1998 – Present

  • Research documents in Red Zone for correct MVA numbers
  • Assist with prepping documents for scanning as well as indexing documents into the File Net system
  • Verify accuracy, validity and completion of transcribed data by computer verification, proofreading, computer display or printout, or other applicable methods
  • Enter data for envelopes, labels, form letters and correspondence




Geography Candidate, June 1995

  • GPA 3.4/4.0



  • Administration Officer – War Widows Charity
  • Treasurer – Crisis Homeless charity
  • Fundraised $5,000+ over 3 years of sponsorship from large companies for Red cross



  • Fast Typing Speed - 90WPM
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Bilingual Chinese and English



Have any questions? Let us know below in the comments below and our Senior Resume Consultants will reply personally! 


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