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Designer Resume Samples

Apparel Designer Resume Sample Art Designer Resum Example

***These are just a couple of the Designer resume samples see below for more***


You’ve arrived at the designer resume help page. Choose your poison. 


I. How To Write a Designer Resume

II. Designer Resume Samples


How to Write a Designer Resume


There are a number of challenges when writing a new resume, some of which are outlined here. You should consider that there is more than one type of designer. Check the list:
  • Textile Designer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Architectural Designer
  • Automotive Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Game Designer


With this in mind we will show you examples from resumes from across these industries to provide you a brief yet broad scope on what to write.


beautiful sunset over ocean so make your designer resume like thisNature is the master of design.
 by Pilottage (contact)

Career Objective


Try to highlight these 4 main points:


  • Your experience. Mention the amount of years in your designer role.
  • Your expertise. Whether it's specific design software, textile manufacturing processes or project management, mention your main skills that sets your apart.
  • Your most recent education or certificates. Most designer jobs require specific certifications so mention it in your career objective.
  • OPTIONAL: The job you are looking for next. If you are changing careers or plan to move to a higher status position consider mentioning this at the end of the objective.


Here are just a few ideas you can use depending on the type of job you have:


Advertising Graphic Designer

Senior Graphic Designer with over 10 years of experience of commercial art across various mediums increasing sales as subcontractor for start-up magazines from gardening to knitting.  Possesses a B.A. in Graphic Design and advanced knowledge of Adobe products


Apparel Designer

Apparel Designer with over 10 years of experience in the design industry for a variety of classifications whilst maintaining brand vision. Possesses a B.A. in Apparel Design and the ability to use Adobe Illustrator


Architectural Designer

An Architectural Designer with over 10 years of experience in schematics, Possesses a Bachelors of Science in Architecture and an Architectural License in the state of New York 


Art Designer

Art Design Director with over 10 years of experience maintaining client relationships, problem analysis and graphic design. Possesses a B.A. in Graphic Design and various software knowledge


Fashion Designer

An Assistant Designer with over 10 years of experience in color schemes, graphic computer software and, latest trends.   Possesses a Bachelor of Design in Fashion

Web Designer

Graphic Web Designer with over 10 years of experience of designing UI for various websites, using programming up-to-date languages and Adobe InDesign. Possesses a B.A. in Graphic Design and extensive knowledge of wireframes


CAD Designer

CAD Designer with over 10 years of experience design and drafting utilizing ANSI Y14.5 and GD&T and designing mechanical components. Possesses a BSc in Mechanical Design Technology


Electrical Designer

Senior Electrical Designer with over 23 years of experience performing circuit design tasks in support of product releases in addition to collaborating with engineers on multimillion-dollar projects. Possesses a BS in Electronic Engineering and extensive knowledge of AutoCAD


Entry Level Graphic Design

Entry Level Graphic Designer with experience of developing project strategies, branding and information design. Possesses a B.A. in Graphic Design and various software package knowledge


Freelance Designer

Freelance Designer with over 5 years of experience of reference gathering, logo design, website programming and display planning. Possesses a Graphic Design Associates Degree and the ability to use various programming code


Instructional Designer

Instructional Designer with over 11 years of experience of developing course curriculums, delivering knowledge transfers and working with various subject experts. Possesses a B.A. in Communications and 5 key certificates


Textile Designer

Textile Designer with over 10 years of experience with, repeats and concepts with an emphasis on the senior market. Possesses a B.A. in Textile Design and strong knowledge of CAD




Professional Experience


Let's take a look at three examples.


1) Advertising Graphic Designer

FIZZY EXPLOSIVE COMPANY                                                                                               Cranville, WY

Senior Advertising Graphic Designer                                                                       September 1998 – Present

  • Develop and create high-quality design solutions and advertising for a style magazine with daily readership of over 6 million

  • Support the creation and extension of campaign elements and brand materials handling an annual $500,000 budget staying within costs by 18%

  • Create designs for print marketing materials collaborating with 20+ third parties to ensure their satisfaction with the design and retaining 100% of customers 

  • Assist in the development of design strategy meeting the needs of specified marketing projects 

  • Managed 7 graphic designers staying within customer deadlines by over 25%


This graphic designer fulfills many of the requirements that a hiring manager in this industry is looking for. Think about the type of medium you are working on, publications, readership, handling a design budget, meeting specific deadlines, any staff you work with or manage and of course any types of software used.



2) Apparel Designer

OVER THE EDGE LLC                                                                                                              Boston, MA

Apparel Designer                                                                                                    April 2006 – Present

  • Develop innovative concepts to men's high-end haute couture apparel particularly shirts and jackets (retail value $1000 - $10,000)

  • Discuss requirements with 40+ repeat clients including media exposure across GQ and Men's Fitness Magazine

  • Travel to factories across SE Asia to finalize the execution of samples and corrections meeting 98% of all quality control metrics 

  • Ensure completion of textiles by developing artwork; completing color ways; and providing repeat size guidance for multiple reviews

  • Assist with layout boards, color schemes and, flat sketches of designs with a team of 8 designers

  • Attended 5 workshops and London Fashion Week developing innovative strategies

  • Assist with the sewing, cutting of patterns, color schemes and overall designs of the sketch and worked with other junior designers and reported updates and changes to senior designer


We love this Apparel Designer's professional experience. It really showcases some the main skills that a Fashion or Apparel Designer need. There are the hard skills such as artwork development, pattern cutting and grading in addition to softer skills such as working with staff at different levels of the company. It also shows that the candidate can hit targets and achieve outcomes with quality and meeting revenue targets. Think about how your apparel job brought out the best in you.



3) Software Designer

POSTCARDS FROM TOKYO                                                                                                 Melba Town, CA

Software Designer                                                                                       June 2001 – Present

  • Developed products using HTML, XML, XSL and, MS SQL Server for 120+ clients

  • Adhered to strict deadlines 100% of the time from testing to production 

  • Used theories of operation and techniques to tweak software programs for user-friendly operations maintaining customer satisfaction rates at 95%+

  • Used product and marketing management to develop functionality within a team of 7 developers and 3 designers for 5 websites with over 3.5 million unique visitors per month

  • Used both low-level component processing and large scale algorithm analyzing and maintained utilization for software programs in large scare computerized systems

  • Responsible for developing the document research area to help users modify search on a WYSIWYG basis



As a Software Designer you should consider the deadlines you met, the types of software you used and designed, the amount of clients, the size of the clients, any on-the-job training, the size of the team and any adversity you overcome.


Here's what you don’t want to do when you’re writing your professional experience:


  1. Write a laundry list of obvious job responsibilities
  2. Write your experience vaguely and unclearly
  3. Use the word ‘I’ whatsoever.


You can read about 5 more essential DO NOT's when writing your resume on our blog. Here’s what you can do to avoid these common problems:


Some other examples of verb-phrase keywords in design resumes include:


  • “Create and design…”
  • “Collaborate with design team…”
  • “Interface with printers and other vendors…”


Education Section


Entry Level Candidate

Any school experience that you have should be included on your resume. Extra-curricular activities and volunteer work should also be added. Any college experience whatsoever means that you can leave off your high school.


See this Graphic Design Intern resume:


Graphic Design Intern Resume Sample


Hereare a few things to think about:

  • Design project in schools. Think of art, computer, electronic or woodwork class. Did you paint, draw, sketch, create a software program, engineer a gadget or create a structure?
  • Internships. Many employers look favorably on internships especially in some of the more competitive design industries such as Fashion and Graphic Design
  • Groups and Societies. It looks great if you can note that you worked behind the scenes on a school catwalk show or that you created print advertising for a local charity


Just be careful. Getting too creative is keeping some students unemployed.



Your education section is still necessary but consider only including the bare basics if you have a lot of experience in your design field already.


Here’s the basic info you’ll need in this section.


  • School Name
  • School Location
  • Major/Degree/Program
  • Date of Graduation
  • GPA (3.0 or above)


Additional Skills


Designers have specialized knowledge and skills required to do their work. It’s likely that even if you specialize in a certain type of design, that you have experience in many other kinds as well. It cannot hurt you to include all of these design skills that you’ve developed, even if they might not be extremely relevant to the job that you’re applying for. They nonetheless demonstrate that you are a widely knowledgeable, and potentially flexible person.


We recommend you create a section called "Technical Skills". Here are a few examples:


Software Designer

  • Experience with sophisticated theories of operation and techniques
  • Skilled in algorithm analyzing and component processing

  • Experience with both small and large scale computer systems



Electrical Designer

  • AutoCAD, protection & relay single line diagrams

  • Change Management tools, processes and ERP systems

  • Knowledgeable of CT and PT three line diagrams

  • Allegro

  • 8051 and ARM microcontrollers

  • RS232, RS485, USB

  • Syteline ERP

  • C, C++, Assembly code

  • Designing for EMC compliance

  • Reliability Engineering methodologies including worst case, stress, durability analysis and HALT



CAD Designer

  • Autodesk Inventor

  • AutoCAD

  • 2D & 3D CAD Files

  • SolidWorks

  • Basic GD&T

  • Documenting and maintaining BOM

  • Microsoft Office

  • API surface wellhead

  • Flow control equipment



Designer Resume Samples


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Once you have completed your resume we recommend reading our informative and entertaining advice on how to make your job search easy


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