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Dry Cleaner Resume Sample

We all like to wear clean clothes, and employers like to see a clean and easy-to-read resume - edit this resume example to showcase your own specific experiences.


This particular dry cleaner sample resume presents a candidate with many years experience managing a dry cleaning store. Key skills are highlighted as well as specific knowledge of equipment and processes. Knowing what to put on your resume and what to leave off can make all of the difference between getting the job or not. 


This resume uses quantitative data to show the size of the business ("managed store level budget of $60,000+ and operations") - try to replicate this in all your bullet points; quantified achievements jump out to a recruiting manager's eye.


If you are stuck for space when trying to keep your resume to one page in length, try removing any bullet points that refer to 'day-to-day' responsibilities (these are ultimately expected duties that anyone in that position should perform, and not accomplishments, so can be excluded). 


Key strengths of this resume are:


  • Short page length (one page only) helps ensure it's effectiveness
  • Some use of quantified data to highlight achievements
  • Targeted introductory 'Profile', clearly outlining his experience and potential to work within a mixed ethnic environment


Aspects that could be improved to make this better:


  • A career objective could replace the profile and ideally be written oi get the jobs you want to apply for
  • Include some more achievement based content, or ideally, numbers. For example: "Actively grow business partnerships and sales" should include the amount of business you acquired.
  • Remove day-to-day responsibilities from resume, for example: "day to day: open and close, supervise employees..."


Make this dry cleaner resume sample your own and be that shiny sparkling clean candidate that impresses.


Dry Cleaner Resume Sample


We have provided a copy & paste format of this resume sample for you to use - simply move the text below to a new file and edit in your own personal information.



7357 Gentle Estates

Jigger, New Jersey 08090-4452

(908) 261-7581


Dry Cleaner Manager with over 10 years of experience direct customer service, handling cleaning machines and pressers and managing 12+ employees. Possesses a 3.4 GPA High School Diploma and fluency in Spanish.




General Manager September 1998 – Present

  • Hands-on training and monitoring of best-in-class operational and CSR service teams that consistently meet or exceed Company defined goals
  • Manage store level budget of $60,000+ and operations
  • Create and maintain customer-centric culture, exceeding expectations through exceptional personal attention to customers and their garments
  • Day to day: open and close store, supervise employees, fill in at cleaning, spotting and/or pressing as necessary, equipment cleaning and maintenance
  • Actively grow business partnerships and sales
  • Community involvement and business partnerships


General Manager September 1998 – Present

  • Greet and assist all walk-in customers, averaging 500+ per week in the cleaners
  • Meet, greet and assist all valet drive-up customers at their car
  • Process customer phone and personal relations
  • Consistently ensure cash drawer accuracy




Candidate, June 1995

  • 3.4 GPA
  • High School Diploma
  • Captain of West Keys Soccer Team



  • 7+ years advanced experience of Dry cleaning POS Systems
  • Bilingual English and Spanish
  • Normal Color Vision


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