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Fashion Stylist and Designer Resume Sample

Fashion Stylist Resume

If you are a fashion stylist you should have a fantastic eye for what clothes look on different people. A fashion stylist may try accentuating particular attributes of an individual with clothes. Take a look at this fashion stylist resume example and style it to accentuate your own qualities depending on the job description.


Fashion Stylist Resume Sample


A few tips about the resume:

  • The responsibilities are strong. We understand that he works with clients but we'd like to know how many. We'd also like to know if he worked for any prestigious studios
  • As a fashion stylist you should mention the brand names and wardrobe selections in addition to your specializations such as and eye for jackets or accessories
  • Think about the types of targets you may have to hit such as customer satisfaction, sales targets or a fashion buying budget you stayed within




9504 Dusty Trace, Bulyea, Georgia, 39829

(212) 204-5645


Fashion Stylist with over 10 years of experience creating unique designs and working in a close-knit team. Possesses a keen eye for fashion, with an excellent fashion sense and the ability to be a personal stylist.




Fashion Stylist September 1998 – Present

  • Run daily product shoots while maintaining positive energy in studio at all times
  • Ability to lead style workshops to educate new associates in the field
  • Make recommendations as to what fashion choices will best suit the client's desired image
  • Collaborate with Lead Stylist to ensure that all necessary products are in studio prior to shoot and take note of high priorities and re-shoots
  • Match the client's style of dressing with the image they wish to display
  • Advise clients on wardrobe/closet organization



Sales Assistant September 1998 – Present

  • Work with Marketing Director to manage internal production schedules of advertising campaigns, promotions, marketing materials and digital
  • Assist the Sales Staff in all aspects of administrative support and project management.
  • Assist in the development, implementation and monitoring of the media plans
  • Manage the international promotional calendar
  • Coordinate activities of departments, such as graphic arts, media, finance, and research




Creative Arts Candidate, June 1995

  • GPA 3.4/4.0



  • Fashion background - relevant retail boutique / industry experience
  • Ability to present to a large group and articulate styling message
  • Maintains a natural eye for style and color



BONUS: Fashion Designer Resume!


A Fashion Designer is someone who comes up with new and trendy designs. They sketch and create fashions using a variety of tools. From sketching to sewing, they do it all. For example, the Fashion Designer will use muslin fabric to create a pattern for the design they sketch. By doing so, it gives the Fashion Designer a clear picture of how they want their design to look. Besides creating looks, the Fashion Designer can also be involved in fashion shows by choosing models, arranging presentation of garments and determining the final price. Below is the resume sample of a Fashion Designer.


Fashion Designer Resume Sample


Nora's resume critique:

  • Nora sets out in detail that her designer niche is for plus-sized women. We like this as it helps the hiring manager understand what area is her specialization.
  • We also get to understand the types of fabrics used. We presume Nora had to purchase these fabrics and equipment so a budget she handled plus any costs saved looks great too.
  • As Nora arranged fashion shows there are two things she can write. Firstly, the attendance and secondly the amount of revenue (if any) made from the show or from subsequent sales.



Nora R. Hurley

3243 Kovar Road, Franklin, MA 02038

(508) 547-4010


A Fashion Designer with over 10 years of experience in sketching, sewing and, screen printing. Possesses a Bachelors in Fashion Design.




Fashion Designer July 1999 – Present

  • Created designs for plus size women, incorporating the latest trends into the designs.
  • Researched design and color trends and predictions for each season, comparing prices and products.
  • Used muslin fabric to create designs, sewing and adding pieces when needed.
  • Created designs around the latest color schemes and trends for the season.
  • Arranged fashion shows, picking models and arranging garments to be presented.



Fashion Designer August 1994 – July 1999

  • Made specification sheets with measurements of graphics and garments and Pantone colors.
  • Sketched and sewed patterns together, fitted patterns onto model dummy, added accessories and other essentials.
  • Designed all graphics for screen-printing and embroidering clothing, promotional materials and, accessories.
  • Created new designs for each season by following color schemes and trends.
  • Researched the latest trends, products, prices and, color schemes for each season.




Bachelors in Fashion Design, June 1994

  • Graduated Cum Laude
  • Made Dean’s List



  • Experience with sketching, sewing and, screen printing.
  • Knowledgeable about the latest fashion trends.
  • Creative with an artistic flair.


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