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Finance Resume Samples and Tips

Welcome to the Finance Resume Samples and Tips page!


Fundraiser Resume Example Finance Manager Resume Sample

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I. Introductory Information

II. How to Write a Finance Resume

III. Financial Analyst Resume Sample (Resume Builder)

IV. More Finance Resume Samples

V. Finance Resume in Text Format


I. Introductory Information


Read the section below that is relevant to you.


Entry-level Finance Candidates


Prospects fresh out of college should focus on emphasizing their math and finance class projects. However, hiring trends in the finance industry show that big corporations like Citibank are becoming more interested in hiring candidates that do not hold a degree in finance, in order to diversify their company profile.


Still, you'll need to have solid math skills and the ability to converse and interview fluidly about the finance sector you're interested in joining. 


Paid internship experience is invaluable for your finance resume. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) discovered in a study that 60% of paid interns got job offers. However, only 37% of candidates with unpaid internship experience, and 36% of candidates with no internship experience were offered a job. Moreover, they found that entry-level starting salary was also much higher for candidates with paid internship experience.


The key to writing your finance resume as an entry-level candidate is to leverage the experience you gained at your internship (if you had one) and reflect it in your resume. You may have been tasked to create financial reports, assist the treasury department, analyze investment projects, and/or selling investments. The quality and effectiveness of your work in these areas is quantifiable -- how many reports you wrote, how much money you earned for your company, and how your analysis and research translated into real-world action are all variables that you need to include in your resume.


Hopefully during your time at your internship, or if you are still there, you expended great effort to show initiative and earn some accomplishments. Read this article, "How to milk your internship for all its worth" to find out how to take that experience and boil it down into excellent resume content.


Professional Finance Candidates


If you are a professional finance candidate, you may be looking to move beyond the entry-level job that you've now mastered. Finance is a competitve industry, however.


According to Investopedia, the 4 most competitive jobs in the finance industry are:


1. Controllers

2. Tax Managers

3. Fund and Senior Level Accountants

4. Valuation Analysts


If you are looking to break into one of these jobs, consider these fascinating tips from Investopedia. Employers are looking for:


  • Real world experience over education
  • Mastery of "soft skills" like communication and industry jargon
  • Advanced educational (CPA)  and professional credentials
  • Ability to network (or else you'd never find these jobs in a newspaper!)


II. How to Write a Finance Resume


Before writing your Finance resume format you must know not only how to write your experience in an easily understandable and eye catching style but also be certain that this is the career path for you, therefore with this in mind consider:

  • Delving deeper into researching the various career routes that will guide you into the finance industry but also considering what your main goals may be 5, 10, 20, 25 years in the future.
  • Do you possess a financial or an administration background? If not, think about how you can go about attaining such relevant experience when you format your Finance resume.


Finanace Resume Format HelpMoney makes the world go...round.

 AMagill (contact)


When writing your financial industry resume, include the following sections:


1. Contact Details: Please view the following link regarding how to write your contact details.


2A. Career Objective: If you do not have a lot of work experience, you can write a career objective. The objective of a financial candidate should be well defined and clear, lasting no longer than one or two sentences. You may explain how many years experience you hold in the financial sector. Intersperse your career objective with key qualifications such as a CPA or MBA and possibly knowledge of QuickBooks, or other financial software such as forecasting or market analysis. You may also consider mentioning your soft skills, such as communication and teamwork abilities -- if they relate to the job you are applying for. Here are some examples of finance career objectives:


  • Tax Inspector Supervisor with over 10 years of experience developing fraud scoring methods and reviewing transactions Possesses a an M.S. in taxation and a B.S. in Accounting.

  • Director of Finance with 12+ years of experience. Possesses a B.A. in Finance and proficiency in Hyperion and Oracle systems seeking a position with a Fortune 500 firm.

  • Financial Planner with 4+ years of experience mentoring clients in high tax brackets, tax planning and cultivating referral relationships Possesses a BS in Finance and Accounting in addition to a CFP.


2B. Qualifications Summary: Although this section is not always a necessity, consider including a qualifications summary if you are at senior level (5 – 10+ years extensive experience) or if you are currently self-employed. A finance summary of the qualifications section should be easy-to-read and defined between 3 – 7 bullet points. A Summary of Qualifications can be included on both reverse chronological and functional style resumes. The aim is to show the full scope of your key credentials across your whole work experience and after reading your name, it is quite possibly the first part of your resume a Hiring Manager will take a peek at.


An example of a financial summary of qualifications resume format may look like this:


  • 15+ years as an Accounting Consultant providing expert advice to 40+ clients, leading personnel and analyzing cost reductions.
  • Experience managing investment portfolios exceeding $1M for a diverse range of clients.
  • Consistently earn high ratings from customer satisfaction surveys due to a hands on approach emphasizing clarity and transparency.
  • Possesses up-to-date knowledge about new financial instruments and opening markets to achieve the best return possible for clients.


3. Professional Experience:  Please refer to section I regarding how to populate your professional experience section with eye-catching, impressive content. Here are some excellent examples of "Professional Experience" bullet points you might see on a finance resume:


  • Assure timely and accurate development of budgets amounting to $2billion and financial reports including appropriate allowances for contractual adjustments and bad debts.
  • Provide analysis of financial reports and financial trends in order to assist the Executive Director in decision making, increasing revenue by 14% year-on-year.


Always keep in mind that you are trying to sell yourself so format your resume with financial terminology and action verbs linked to the position you are applying for. Instead of writing that you ‘Assisted budgeting systems that provide control of expenditures’ consider writing ‘Spearheaded new budgeting system of $1.5 million reducing expenditure costs by over 20% within 3 years’. Check out our "Resume Hacks" blog post for more on optimizing your resume with keywords.


4. Education: The format of your education section should be in reverse chronological order, that is, your most recent studying comes first. If you are an entry level candidate (Graduated within the past 3 years) mention curricular activities such as relevant coursework, societies, certifications and awards. You should also include:


  • Degree/Program and major(s)
  • Date of graduation
  • Universities/Colleges/Schools
  • Location – Cities and States


5. Additional Skills: Working in the finance profession is particularly emphasized on the bottom-line (making profit). Define what you know and what you have achieved on your resume. Here's an example of what your skills section should look like.


Finance Resume Format Layout


In the next three sections below, we have resume examples from various financial industries that you can browse for ideas. The section directly below shows a resume that was created by our very own resume builder. Give it a try if you wish to save time and write an excellent resume!


III. Financial Analyst Resume Sample - Resume Builder


The student resume sample below was generated using Resume Companion's resume template and resume builder.

This resume depicts a highly successful student. Although his GPA wasn’t phenomenal, he still managed to score three years of working experience at JP Morgan Chase – definitely nothing to sneeze at.

Normally, a student resume would begin with a “Career Objective” section, followed by an “Education” section, then the “Professional Experience” section, and finally the “Additional Skills” section. We’ve written 8 tips for writing a student resume here.

However, because Peter managed to amass over three years of work experience at two different companies, that information has become far more relevant to hiring managers. At three years, he’s not quite at a professional level, but is getting close to it.



Our resume building software automatically generated all of the job descriptions that you see in this resume. Click here for a comprehensive look at how it functions.

Basically, Peter told our software that he worked as a Financial Quantitative Analyst. Resume Companion’s software then accessed a massive database of job descriptions related to doing Financial Quantitative Analyst job, giving Peter a huge selection to pick and choose from.

That means that Peter didn’t have to worry a bit about forgetting any of his previous job responsibilities – nor did he have to painstakingly formulate each description, and attempt to make them sound professional. He did not have to fret about grammar and spelling mistakes. It was done automatically, professionally, and quickly.

So put your mind at ease, and use our free resume builder. Your resume will be guaranteed to impress. Feel free to read our customer testimonials to see for yourself what we can do for you.


IV. More Financial Resume Samples


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Financial Advisor Resume Sample Tax Inspector Resume Sample Director of Finance Resume Sample
Vice President of Finance Resume Sample Financial Analyst Resume Sample  




859 45th Road, Forest Hills, NY 11375

(718) 204-5645

Brand Ambassador with over 5 years of experience in education, community outreach and guerilla marketing seeking a position with a not-for-profit organization heading funds solicitation. Possesses a B.A. in French and Mandarin and a M.A. in Mass Communications.




Brand Ambassador September 2006 – Present

  • Educate and train retail sales force about the products key features and service offerings.
  • Generate in-store buzz through passion and engagement of consumers; share key messages about our client's products and new product offerings.
  • Maintain expert knowledge of all products.
  • Build rapport with all in-store personnel to push retail sales, brand presence through merchandising and display maintenance and provide on-site assistance to retail sales force with customer and device issues - liaison to fortify professional and brand relationships.
  • Create memorable brand experiences for consumers.



Intern June 2006 – September 2006

  • Assisted in building community ties with local merchants.
  • Performed outreach and solicited support from residents and students on and off-campus.
  • Gained student interest for participation in a canvassing project by working with college officials to organize campus-wide outdoor promotional events.
  • Created and led a community canvassing project; a door-to-door outreach that informed constituents of upcoming events, the location of their community leaders and surveyed their needs and concerns.
  • Presented results of surveys to community activists and district leaders in the effort to collaborate for effective resolutions.




Masters of Arts in Mass Communications, June 2006

  • Graduated Cum Laude
  • Organized the student group Les Heitians in their peaceful protest against profiling in Queens, NY.
  • ESL Volunteer teaching English to Asian students in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, NY.



Bachelors of Arts in French and Chinese, June 2004

  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude
  • Volunteer tutor at CAMBA Buffalo



  • Excellent communicator and organizer


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