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Food Service Worker Resume Example


Food Service Worker Resume


The following is a sample resume for a food service worker. They are concerned with carrying out supplementary activities that enable the preparation of various food ingredients before they are cooked. They may assist chefs with devising recipes and acquiring the necessary skills to convert those recipes into cooked dishes as well as carrying out routine kitchen tasks. These tasks include, but are not limited to, washing dishes, chopping vegetables and slicing meat. It may help to view the task of writing a Food Service Worker resume from the perspective of cooking itself.



The resume below reveals a few things:

  • Joan focused on hygiene and maintaining a clean restaurant when working in Bob's Steak House. Patrons don't like dirty tables after all.
  • We would recommend Joan mention the amount of tables in the restaurant. The bigger the better.
  • We also recommend she writes how many staff she supervised and trained. Managing people is a key skill.


Food Service Worker Resume Sample



Fast Food Worker Resume

Below is a sample resume for a fast food worker. Fast food workers serve in different positions. They can range from janitors, managers, cashiers, cooks, drive through cashiers, and many others. They serve as the initial contact between customers and fast food establishments and must therefore be good at listening, communicating and following orders. They are responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction, and addressing any questions or comments that customers may have. That said, a Fast Food Worker is one of the jobs that will lose workers in the future! This fast food worker resume sample can be adapted for use by anyone seeking to apply for a similar position in the job market.



Key points from the resume below:


  • Jason shows he's able to use the checkout system and handle customers too. Both of these are vital if working on the customer service side of fast food.
  • With the ability to handle cash and credit card payments. He seems trustworthy.
  • At KFC, Jason created reports about staff and food for management. This shows he's able to work with different tiers of the organization.


Fast Food Worker Resume Sample



8990 Sheridan Street, New York, NY 445886

(212) 232-3321


Fast Food Worker with over 5 years of experience in soundly managing various operational aspects of fast food restaurants. Possesses an excellent work and service attitude and a strict adherence to the highest standards of cleanliness.




Fast Food Worker September 2009 – Present

  • Obtain food and drink orders from customers and prepare and serve the food ordered to the customers.

  • Obtain cash or credit card payments for various orders from customers and ensure that they are provided with the correct change and issued with valid receipts.

  • Take orders from drive through customers and bag those orders and ensure that all condiments like salt and ketchup as well as enough napkins are included in the bag.

  • Ensure that my work areas as well as the restrooms are constantly cleaned so as to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and convenience.

  • Reconcile all receipt totals, credit and cash payments and address any shortages with all staff members that dealt with that particular drawer.



Fast Food Worker August 2007 – August 2009

  • Responsible for reporting to management and supervisors on the status of the restaurants stock of raw materials and ingredients.

  • In charge of adjusting the menus and price lists used in the restaurant to reflect price changes and reflect on going food promotions.

  • Responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the children’s play area.

  • Responsible for the safe disposal of leftover chicken to prevent the outbreak of epidemics like Salmonella.

  • Assisted in busing tables and emptying trashcans whenever that was required.




Associates Degree in Business Administration, June 2005

  • Graduated Cum Laude.

  • Captain of cheerleading squad.



  • Dependable team player.

  • Excellent Communication skills.

  • Able to work under high pressure.



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