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Government Resume Samples

Writing a Government resume and Public Administrator resume just became the simplest thing to do with this freely available online resume format guide! You don't need the NSA to spy on the operations of Resume Companion, because we offer these resources to the public for free. We are the Edward Snowdens of the professionally formatted resume industry, we're hemorrhaging top secret industry resume guides left and right! Read below for the freshest leaks..



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How To Write a Resume for the Government

Expert Tip

Resources for Government Job Seekers

Prior Applicable Experiences 

Patriotic Resume Strengtheners 



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How To Write a Resume for the Government


The resume tips below are for your best resume layout that you can customize to fit your own situation. Now even though public administration jobs have been on a slow decline in recent years, having a tidy resume can help you transition into any sort of industry that intersects with public institutions. 


Public vs Private Sector Job Growth



First Things First: The Resume Constitution 

If the resume industry had a constitution the preamble would read: "Don't make any spelling errors on your resume. Ever. Anywhere". Seriously, that is how important having correct spelling and grammar throughout one's resume is. Before you do anything memorize this and come back to it when you've finished putting the document together. 


**Expert Tip**

Make sure your email address is professional. How do you know if it is acceptable? Say it out loud. If you would feel embarrassed saying it out loud to someone, then it will not do. Get something simple and to the point, probably your name, that wont' be lead to a potentially embarrassing moment. Only jokers would have email addresses such as


For a government and public administration resume format, an inspiring email address would be something like where is your current employer, your government. It’s inspiring since not just anyone gets the extension.



Resources for Government Job Seekers


If you are more of a cart before the donkey kind of person and you are writing your resume prior to actually having found a job, don't forget to check out the U.S government job portal site at where you will find every uncle-sam associated gig there is under the sun. If you rooted for "The Smiths" in the Matrix series, then perhaps or might be more up your alley. 


Check these government sites regularly as the restless bureaucracy never ceases in its single minded drive to expand. Sarcasm aside, checking these sites regularly will help keep you on top of your government job search. There is also a feature built into the website that allows you to sign up to receive email notifications for positions or departments you're interested in. This is a great feature that will enable you to pounce on a position and apply as soon as it becomes open. 



Prior Applicable Experiences


Another key area of interest to employers, especially government employers, is this section, the professional experience section. Why? Employment is about results and initiative. You need to read this blog post if you want to learn how to show, on your resume, that you are good at getting results, and have a lot of motivation. Government jobs are no different, even if all of your previous experience was in the private sector, you can write it in a way that makes it more attractive to a public sector position. 


The profile of the right candidate includes these traits and they are read off from this section in any resume format. The professional experience will be normally composed of:

  • Highlight number of people managed numerically if possible
  • The duration at your previous work stations and if international note that experience as well
  • Responsibilities associated with budget management, in dollar terms, as this will clearly display depth of responsibility


The professional experience is usually put down in a reverse-chronological order that is the most recent experience placed first. Make it a point to include only the relevant experience, and remember, add numerals for quantification whenever possible. Given recent budget debates, if you stayed within budgets or displayed exceptional fiscal responsibility, these may be looked favorably upon by government recruiters. 


For a Government and Public Administrator resume layout, duties could include:


  • Scheduling and managing an extremely demanding Outlook interdepartmental calendar.
  • Managing customer information flow from front office desks to the appropriate departments for processing.
  • Such departments include Passports, Enquiries and National Identification departments.



Patriotic Resume Strengtheners 

Unlike other private industry jobs, you will want to limit the amount of personal information included in your additional skills section, as working in government is a very serious deal, most of the time...



Still consider including volunteer associations or honors in this section, such as Rotary Club President or Eagle Scout. These types of service related accomplishments really strengthen a resume that's being written for a civil service position. 


While the educational section may be rather flat toned for an Administrator, the additional skills tend to tell a different story. Here's some excellent general information about what your additional skills section should convey.


Government and Public Administration jobs have a lot of perks that include being sponsored for seminars and trainings. These are often certifiable and these certificates should be included in the additional skills section of a best resume. As an example, you can have:


  • Bilingual – Spanish and English.
  • Proficient in IT – Ms Office, Quickbooks.
  • Excellent presentation, negotiation and conflict resolution skills.


And that's it, if there are any questions you still have after reading the above tips feel free to ask in the comments section below and one of our senior resume experts will be glad to answer them! 

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