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Help Desk Resume Samples

Even helpful people can use a little help once in a while. As a Help Desk professional, you spend the day helping customers and patrons with their shopping/commuting questions and concerns. Well, Resume Companion is here to help you with any questions or concerns you have with your Help Desk resume.


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Below you'll find short guides covering all aspects of the resume writing process. If there is anything you didn't see that you wish we'd cover please leave a comment and one of our Senior Resume Consultants will personally reply. 


I. How To Write a Help Desk Resume

II. Popular Help Desk Industries

III. A Helpful Career Objective

IV. Popular Educational Experiences

V. Help Desk Resume Examples 


How To Write a Help Desk Resume


Help Desk resumes will be similar to Customer Service resumes in how they will largely focus on communication skills and management experiences. The primary difference being that Help Desks won't be confined to the private sector like customer service, as Help Desk's can be found in both public and private spaces.


Working for the government in a major transit hub, or as a city employee at a major airport hub will require a different resume than that of a call center employee or technical support person in Customer Service. 


Some key things to remember in differentiating between government and private help desk jobs are:

  • Referring to the people you helped as "clients" vs "passengers" or "citizens". 
  • Stressing remaining within strict budgets are most valuable for public sector jobs, while revenue increase, cost savings will be of primary importance for the private sector
  • If transferring out of the public sector and into the private make sure to write out program acronyms, as it must be assumed the reader has no knowledge of public service acronyms. 


With these things in mind it's time to dive into the core of what makes a good help desk resume. Ultimately, you want to do everything possible to not look like this pleasant lady:




Breaking Down The Help Desk Resume


Help desk help ducksIt's silly season at the help desk again.
 by andyp uk (contact)


Popular Help Desk Industries


Help Desk is a generic title summarizing many different industries and sub-industries. As previously mentioned, the first distinction is between public and private sectors. After that you can further break the private sector down into many different categories. Below are three of the most popular help desk industries. 


  • IT Support 
  • Phone Support
  • Customer Service


For each of the sub-industries you will want to include industry specific terminology. If working in IT Support, include software and hardware you are familiar with. If working phone support list efficiency rates and management experiences and if in customer service include customer satisfaction rates. Including data like this will contribute greatly to the overall strength of your resume. 


A Helpful Career Objective

If you are applying for a help desk position, then you want to exhibit how you are able to answer questions and provide solutions to problems. This coincidentally is the precise purpose of a Career Objective. In your career objective you want to tell the employer how you as an employee can fill a hole, provide a solution and answer their question of "who can handle this job?" Write your career objective as a direct response to the job opening so you seem to be the perfect match for the job. 


An example of a career objective for a help desk applicant is like the one below.

  • A help desk with over 5 years experience of technical support work and network maintenance. Possesses HDI Support Centre Manager certification with excellent verbal and written communication skills.


Helpful Duties

To give a clear picture of the experience mentioned in the career objective, the professional experience section typically includes things like the names of companies worked for, locations, titles and dates the job was held. In addition consider adding some of these help desk specific type of bullet points:


  • Helped 100+ customers daily with satisfaction rates averaging 98.7%
  • Managed call center team of 20+ workers
  • Reduced company chargebacks by 40% with comprehensive customer care solution
  • Saved company $250,000 in technical damages by implementing preventative care solutions


The details above MUST be presented in a reverse-chronological format meaning the most recent experience is placed first. Be relevant by making sure that all the listed duties match the job of a help desk. Apply pure honesty while putting down these details since a detailed resume layout will attract the hiring employer’s eye.


An example of helpdesk duties are:

  • Configuring and installing different computer systems
  • Diagnosing hardware and software issues
  • Logging customer and employee queries
  • Analyzing call logs to spot trends and underlying issues


Popular Educational Experiences For Help Desk Jobs


Many people fall into help deskwork from other industries, transitioning from other roles. However, there are a few degrees you can pursue in university or via a technical school that will make you a more attractive help desk applicant. Useful majors will include marketing, business and even social studies. Useful courses will be ones involving communication skills, critical thinking and problem solving.


Additional Skills

This is normally the final section involving all the skills you posses in addition to those mentioned in the professional experience section. For example a help desk could have skills like:


  • Accredited Certifications that may not necessarily fall in the Education Section like: HDI customer service Representative, HDI Desktop Support Manager, HDI Support Centre Analyst, HDI Support Centre Team Lead or OCR (iPRO) Certificate for IT Practitioners among many more.
  • Ability to work in a collaborative, innovative, flexible and team oriented environment.
  • Excellent written and communication skills.
  • Touch typing skills


There you go! These tips will surely be a perfect guide when writing the best resume for your help desk job application. View our help desk resume samples below.



Help Desk Resume Samples

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