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Insurance Resume Samples and Tips

This is the Insurance Resume Samples & Tips page. Here, we ensure that you’ll learn how to write your insurance resume quickly, easily, and thoroughly, to make sure that you can write the best resume possible. If there are any questions you have unanswered at the end of this guide please let us know in the comments!

Insurance Sales Representative Resume Sample Insurance Sales Specialist Resume Sample

I. How To Write An Insurance Resume

II. Insurance Agent Resume Breakdown

III. Alternative Insurance Resume Samples 



tree crushes carEveryone hates insurance until they love it.


How To Write an Insurance Resume


There are generally two types of categories insurance resumes are separated into, and knowing which category you fall into is key before starting the process of writing your resume. Depending on whether you are an independent agent or work for a company, you will be composing a slightly different resume. The resume of an independent insurance agent will have a more managerial/entrepreneurial flavor; whereas working for a firm will have a more productivity/sales emphasis. 


The reasoning is simple, independent agents are more similar to entrepreneurs in terms of managing budgets, rent, and are directly responsible for any growth in sales or business, a genuine one-man-band. An insurance agent working within a larger firm will write a resume more in line with many service industry resumes, where the emphasis will be on how one contributed to the company as a whole vs the individual. 


Career Objective For Insurance Agents


The career objective section in an insurance resume should change depending on what job you’re applying for, as mentioned above, depending largely on if you work independently or with an agency. So, if you’re applying to several different jobs, they should be tailored and suited individually to “respond” to the job descriptions written by the hiring manager. Below, we’ve included a picture of a sample insurance career objective. If you are looking to move from an agency to being an independent agent then you don't have to worry about your resume at all! 


insurance resume career objective


This person is writing to work in the insurance claims industry. Here’s why this career objective is successful. He/she writes how long they been professionally working in insurance. He/she gives a broad overview of their major skills (data entry software, customer relations, and insurance laws and regulations.) Then, he/she finishes with his/her degree. Very good -- it's a great way to start off the resume.


Independent & Agency Experience


The biggest secret to a successful resume is to make sure the job descriptions of your most recent (2-3) jobs begin with bullet points that express major achievements. Essentially, they should describe where you went above and beyond the average person in your position.


For instance, in insurance, you may be tasked with selling insurance policies. At your company, there might be a way of finding out what the average sales are for someone in your position. If you managed to sell more than the average, you should DEFINTELY include that kind of important information.


Maybe you came up with a new sales method that was highly successful for yourself, and others that you taught it to. Maybe you trained new insurance salesmen, and had a high retention rate. Maybe you boosted company morale with your leadership. Think hard about your position, and where you were successful. These should be your main bullet points.


If you worked independently previously, make sure to emphasis management of expenses, record keeping, and revenue growth, as these are all achievements unique to an independent agent and look very impressive on a resume being presented to an agency. 


Education Section


Here’s a picture of a typical education section on an insurance resume. The general details contained within should be replicated on your own resume. 

**Expert Tip*** If you graduated more than 15 years ago, it's not necessary to include the year of graduation. 


insurance resume education section


Additional Skills


As an insurance agent try to make reference to your:


  • Bilingual abilities (Spanish and Mandarin are the business languages of the day!)
  • Software knowledge (if previously an independent agent, include managerial suites)
  • Employee training skills (include the number of employees listed in numeric form, as they stand out clearest)
  • Salesmanship skills (include sales numbers achieved in $ amounts to stand out)
  • Leadership ability (again list the number to numerically quantify)
  • Interpersonal skills (necessary in an industry with continual client interaction)

If you are still struggling with finding good additional skills or are unsure of how to format them then reference our guide focused specifically on this issue here.


Insurance Agent Resume Breakdown


The professional Insurance resume sample below was generated using Resume Companion's own Senior Resume Consultants. 

Note how the career objective in this sample works to engage the reader by identifying specific career goals. You should make your career objective as targeted as possible; cite the industry you work in and summarize your years of relevant experience. We offer 5 tips on career objective writing on our blog here.

TIP: The inclusion of quantitative data to support your achievement would be ideal, since numbers effectively jump out to a recruiter, when scan reading your resume.




Alternative Insurance Resume Samples

Finally, this professional resume sample has included an ‘Awards’ section to finish the resume. This isn’t essential, but well worth including if you have awards or accolades worth showcasing. Below are a few more professionally creates samples of different insurance associated careers. Peruse and sample what you like. If you have any questions let us know in the comments below! 


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