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Librarian Resume Samples and Tips

Hey there, book nerd, you're in good company, as the biggest resume nerds in America wrote this guide.  You’ve arrived at the Librarian Resume Format Help page. If you want to learn how to write your librarian resume, then follow along!

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I. How to Write a Librarian Resume

II. Librarian Resume Samples


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I. How To Write a Librarian Resume



Librarian resumes are unique in that they can be written in different styles. For most applicants, the simple reverse chronological order resume is the most optimal format for clearly conveying previous accomplishments. However for a select few industries the functional layout is an attractive alternative. The core principal behind a functional resume is that it abandons the time-focused order and instead lists relevant qualifications, education and accomplishments in order of importance and relevancy. 


Thus, a functional librarian resume will begin with a career objective written for the library being applied to, followed by a summary of qualifications, then an education section and finally concluding with a selected accomplishments section. The selected accomplishments section is where the most notable experiences related to managing a library will be listed. 


Studious Career Objectives


This section is comprised of a few key pieces of information. It’s possible that not all of you who are reading this page have all of the information that we are about to suggest you write in this section. That’s fine – you’ll have to make do, include what you can, and get creative. In two sentences, include the following information. We've included a photo below, color coded to give you an idea of where the information has been included -- and how.


  • The field you've been working in most recently (yellow).    
  • Years you’ve worked as a librarian professionally (green).
  • The highlights of the main duties you performed as a librarian (orange).
  • Any degrees, licenses, or certificates you’ve earned (pink). [Be selective if you have many.]


librarian resume career objective


If you do not have professional experience as a librarian, and are looking to change careers to becoming a librarian, you’ll need to explain that in your career objective (briefly).



Selected Accomplishments

In the professional experience or selected accomplishments section of your librarian resume, you should include the following information.


  • From most recent to least recent experience, the name of every place you’ve worked at WITHIN 15 years.
  • Under each job description, write a series of bullet points describing your main job duties. Attempt to make them ACHIEVEMENT related, as mundane job duties are not impressive and are often obvious.
  • Try to include numerical details about your previous jobs. For example, the size of the library you worked at previously, the number of books it had, the number of customers that frequented the library, how many people you trained, etc.
  • As much as possible, make the job descriptions related to the job you’re applying for.


Here's an example below to show you how that might look.


librarian resume professional experience


By following this advice, and the advice of this blog post, you can write a powerful professional experience section. Follow along to finish off your resume with a bang.


Education Section


In lieu of a university degree list any other formal education you've received, whether it be a certification or licensing program or classes at a community college. If you don't have an education then try to make your previous experiences section as strong as possible to compensate. 


Additional Skills & Licenses


Librarians need to have organization, communication, technical/software, and interpersonal skills. Depending on what position you’re applying for, whether you’re a page, a library technician, or a library director, your skillsets may be varied. Here are 5 skills every employer looks for in an applicant.


In some cases, librarians require a license/certificate to do their job. Include this information in a separate section below additional skills.


And now you’re on your way to writing a librarian resume. We wish you all the best in finding a new job.


II. Librarian Resume Samples




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