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Payroll Resume Samples and Tips


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I. Introduction to Payroll Jobs

II. How To Write a Payroll Resume

III. What Can I Expect to Earn?

IV. What Skills do I Need?

V. More Payroll Resume Samples:



If you work in payroll within any area of the industry you may well want to look over these Payroll resume examples and resume writing guide. Once you have looked at the resume examples you should look at these interview tips for payroll jobs. We are here to help you find the perfect job!


Payroll Resume Samples:


Payroll Coordinator Resume Sample



Introduction to Payroll Jobs:


Some people think that a payroll job is all about crunching numbers and folding papers but they couldn't be more wrong. Sure, your Payroll resume needs to reveal how you're able to calculate and also how you're able to organize. Yet behind every successful employee is a team of hardworking payroll personnel.


A job in payroll can provide a rewarding career with huge opportunity for career progression. Payroll is essential to any business, no matter what size; employers have a moral obligation to not only pay their employees on time, but also the correct amount.  


With taxation legislation and policy becoming more and more complicated, employers are eager to employ a professional who can administer this entire process efficiently.


Payroll staff need to ensure the company they represent adheres to a wide range of rules that guarantee an employee’s wage is delivered correctly, minus deductions. These may include: taxes – both state and federal, social security, fees, hourly discrepancies, trust fund payments, reimbursements, etc.


Entry requirements for a payroll job are in low, though certifications and industry specific qualifications are still required. Once you have earned some experience in payroll there are a range of job roles available.


How To Write a Payroll Resume:


It's imperative that you list out your experience in reverse chronological order with your most recent experience at the top of the "Professional Experience" section


skeptical female payroll manager reading payroll resumes"If it were up to me, you wouldn't get paid."

Career Objective:


This section should go above your professional experience and below your address. It should be one of two sentences long and should help you stand out from all the other resume formats competing for the same payroll job as you.


In the Payroll resume objective you can define you years of experience, which Payroll position you want to, any certificates and any key skills attained. Try to keep this brief and targeted; check out the example given below. We also provide more career objective tips on our blog here


Here is an example:


  • "Payroll Administrator with over 6 years experience handling staff accounts for 200+ employee company, possessing extensive time sheet experience and contract monitoring seeking similar role".


Professional Experience:


Unless you have both extensive and impressive work experience, you should aim at keeping your resume to one page in length. When writing your responsibilities on your Payroll resume, define some of your key achievements - for example, It's fine to say you audited the company but how often and how much money did you save?

When writing thei section you need to create series of bullet points outlining you key responsibilities and duties - make sure the first few bullet points are your most impressive. 


An example responsibility on your resume may look something like this:


  • "Applied quarterly audits for a $10million+ revenue company saving 15% through reduction of manual adjustments"


You also want to define your experience with staff. Think of how you successfully helped achieve harmony between employer and employee within your organization.


For example:


  • "Mediated salary issues with three employees reducing complaint time by 45% annually through quantitative and qualitative analysis"


Really define your achievements and the Hiring Manager of the next organization will have no choice but call you in for interview. Just make sure you don't lie on your resume. If you have work history gaps that you are unsure how to account for we recommend using a Functional Resume format - find out more here.


Additional Skills:


It's important that you understand basic Microsoft Office packages, especially Excel and Word. Beyond this you may want to expand your scope of knowledge with accountancy software such as QuickBooks, LTIPro Payroll System, Cognos, Oracle, ERP systems, ADP, Ceridian Latitude and Paychex.


Further to this you can mention any knowledge of industry practices, laws and regulations such as the Department of Labor Standards and bookkeeping privacy regulations.


Consider also including a Certificates section. The Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) certification could look great on your resume. If you haven't got this yet consider taking a course and boosting your chances of getting hired!



What Can I Expect to Earn?



So what are the main jobs on offer? Here are the top 6 highest average annual wage payroll jobs:


  • Senior Payroll Specialist: $48,000
  • Payroll Tax Specialist: $45,000
  • Technology Support Specialist: $42,000
  • Personnel Specialist: $41,000
  • HR Payroll Specialist: $41,000
  • Benefit Specialist: $40,000


As you can see these are all specialist jobs, but it shows there is room to progress and develop your career. Some commonly available payroll jobs include:

  • Payroll and Benefits Analyst
  • Senior Payroll Analyst
  • Payroll Processor
  • Accounting/Payroll Clerk
  • Patroll/Billing Assistant
  • Payroll Coordinator
  • Corporate Payroll Associate


Starting out as a payroll administrator, you can expect $18,000 – $32,000 or more, however this can vary wildly, depending on whether you work for a small, medium size or large business. In addition, it is common for businesses to employ an external company to administer payroll – these companies can provide great opportunities, with a reliable and steady source of clients, where senior supervisor/managerial payroll administrators to earn up to $35,000 – $50,000 or more.



And God said: "Go forth thee and delivereth pay, for man has earned his wage through toil and labor, and has bills to pay".


What Skills do I Need?


If you are about to write your resume, consider the key skills required to succeed in payroll:


  • IT skills
  • Ability to learn new software quickly
  • Communication skills
  • Well organized
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to remain task focused
  • Leadership skills (for supervisors and managers)

More Payroll Resume Samples:


These sample resumes are here for you to look through and decide what sort of information you want to include on your resume. They are packed with useful bullet point ideas, helping you get an idea of the sort of duties you should include. These also provide an understanding of how your resume will ultimately look, should you follow our writing guide. Good luck!


Payroll Operation Manager Sample Resume Payroll Accountant Sample Resume
Payroll Administrator Sample Resume    



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