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Pharmacist Resume Samples and Tips


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Pharmacist Resume Samples

How To Write a Pharmacist Resume

Useful Action Verbs

Why Work in Pharmacy?

Best Places for Pharmacists to Live



The pharmaceutical industry is big business. Have you got a pharmacist resume that can stand up to recruiter scrutiny? Your skills on your resume format should reveal how you're both analytical and personable. A Pharmacist requires specific skills. If a patient or customer needs the correct medication, a pharmacist is required to know the correct measurements, administration amounts, and effects that could mean life or death. 


Pharmacist Resume Sample




Becoming a pharmacist is considered to be highly lucrative, though duly so since you need to be an absolute ace at chemistry to qualify! Check out this blog post regarding popular healthcare jobs in the future to get the full scoop.


How To Write a Pharmacist Resume


Key Points:


  • Your resume should be no longer than 2-pages in length. Stick to one page if your experience is less than 4-5 years, or if you are a recent college graduate.
  • Choose a resume format that highlights relevant information - if you have extensive experience, ensure this is highlighted. Equally, if you have just graduated from a top school, make sure this is top of the page!
  • Define your achievements, for example any high grade scoring at university, specialized certifications you have, impressive research you worked on, awards or publications.
  • Keep to 5 - 7 bullet points per job section. The hiring manager only wants to initially skim read your resume.

    Contact Details:


    Start with the contact details -- we've got a fast and simple rundown right here! Remember, your address does not need to contain your country of residence unless you are applying from abroad.


    Career Objective:


    Does your resume feel misguided? You may need a career objective. Define your main achievement, any key certificates and what position you want to apply for. Strongly consider writing a "Qualifications Summary" instead of a career objective if you've already amassed enough work experience.


    Remember, if you're position has remained static for a long time you don't need to create a career objective.


    Professional Experience:


    Pharmacy encompasses a number of vocations. In addition, there are a number of different fields in which you can work; retail pharmacy, hospital, clinical, laboratory, etc.


    When writing this section you need to first consider 'what makes a person good at .... pharmacy'?


    For example, if you are a retail pharmacist, you want to focus on identifying your range of product knowledge, the value of inventory you oversaw (in USD terms), any service based certifications you may hold, etc. 


    In addition you need communicate to the reader the SIZE of the operation you worked at; identify the customer turnover, revenues, and any positive affects you had on them - i.e. profit increases. The key is to highlight the positive affect you had on your place of work.



    Additional Skills:


    Have you handled inventory software? Accounting software? Do you have any industry certificates? Health & safety awareness? 


    An additional skills section can help your resume standout - take your time and have a good think about anything that may give you an edge of other applicants. 



    3 Useful Action Verbs:


    1) Handled

    "Handled drug inventory of $4.5million saving order costs by 20%".


    2) Liaised

    "Liaised with third party suppliers, negotiated medication quotes down by 3%".


    3) Explained

    "Explained drug side effects and administration to 25+ customers per day".



    Need some inspiration? Here are several creative methods you can use to get your dream job. If it's to become a pharmacist, then please take a look!


    Why Work in Pharmacy?


    Pharmacy is a growing industry, one of the few that survived the recession, though not without experiencing the usual budget cuts and hiring freezes. Still, current unemployment among qualified pharmacists is low, as the Pharmacy Manpower Project Inc. reports. 


    To get an understanding of the employment rates within the pharmacy industry, the Pharmacy Manpower Project divised a 5-point scale they named the ADI (Aggregate Demand Index). 1 representing a surplus of pharmacists,  5 representing high demand. This was used to get a tangible indication of how strong this industry was, and what action was needed to stablize it, should there be an employment crisis looming. 


    While in January 2009 the ADI was 3.79, showing a slight under supply of pharmacists even in the height of recession austerity, this rose to 3.79 only a year later (January 2010). This represented a significant need for more pharmacists and therefore a potential wealth of jobs available!


    There has been a growth in a number of areas of pharmacy in recent years, including clinical pharmacy becoming more prevalent, and also remote order entry that provides hospitals with access to the services of remotely located pharmacists who can assist with high volumes of orders. In addition, there is an ever aging population of 'baby boomers' - I doubt we need to spell out why that means an increased demand in pharmacists!



    bottles of amoxicillin ... don't write this on your pharmacist resumeThere are no pills that can cure a bad resume.


    Best Places for Pharmacists to Live in the US:


    It appears the sunshine state of California is where you want to be headed if you're a pharmacist! Here's an outline of the highest average salary paying cities in America:



    Location: Average Salary:
    El Centro, CA $163,410
    Napa, CA $140,230
    Santa Cruz, CA $140,220
    Detroit, MI $136,500
    Chico, CA $135,780




    Inevitably, the schools have switched onto this demand and have already begun spewing out pharmacist graduates - the ADI is predicted to drop again through 2013, possibly below 2.5. Now more than ever, it becomes paramount that your resume shows your full range of knowledge, experience and qualification. Follow our guide and you'll send your resume to recruiters, secure in the knowledge that it will stand out top of the pile!




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