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Public Relations Resume Samples and Tips

Welcome to the Resume Companion resume examples and writing guide page. We have dedicated this page to providing you with all the essential information you need to know when applying for a job in PR. The advice we provide is great if you are:


1.     Considering a job in PR and looking to research its requirements

2.     Working in PR and looking for resume writing advice

3.     Looking for wage and employment forecasts for PR jobs



Public Relations - Overview:


Our resume and career experts have researched this industry so we can give you up to date information, including essential key skills, what the entry requirements are, what sort of financial benefits are on offers and - (most importantly) how to write a winning Public Relations resume!


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Resume Samples and Templates

How to Write a Public Relations Resume

What Does It Take?

Entry Requirements

Wages and Emplyment Figures


Resume Samples and Templates:





How to Write a Public Relations Resume:


If you are about to write a public relations resume you may want to check out our free resume builder tool. It's designed to create your resume for you, using simple, guided steps. Try it here.



Contact Details:


Your full name should be in a larger resume font style. We recommend anywhere between 18 to 24 size font and should be above your main contact details.


When listing a contact number, make sure it's one that only you have access to. You don't want to miss any voicemails, or have young children answering the phone instead of you!


Knowledge of social media can work to your advantage so consider including your Twitter handle, Google+ vanity URL and any online contact cards - it's becoming more and more an industry norm.



Career Objective:


Some experts believe a 'Qualifications Summary' can replace a 'Career Objective', however in the world of PR your drive and ambition is what outlines you and your potential; define your years of experience, your specialization such as business to business, business to community or even employee communication, and most importantly outline the role you are targeting.


If you are short on words, include whether you’re an in-house corporate PR person, freelancer or work for an agency. 


A great way to approach this section is to compare it to a '30 second elevator pitch' - what would you say if given the opportunity to pitch yourself to the boss of your dream job? For some additional advice on writing a perfect career objective, see our blog



Occasionally things happen outside an organization's control that mean they desperately need to redeem themselves in the consumer's eye! This is when a great public relations team is needed.....



Professional Experience:


Consider the 5 disciplines of PR - Financial, Consumer/lifestyle, Crisis Communication, Internal Communications and Government Relations. Make sure you represent yourself well on your resume with these skills depending on which PR job you are applying to.


Also highlight your achievements such as meeting deadlines, the size of any readerships of publications or newspapers your work was published in, or any major contacts/accounts you handled.


Also reveal any successful PR campaigns you were involved with, and what you achieved from it. Did you save costs by reducing the consumer panic of an organization’s mishap? Pushed for a government policy that was finally passed? Helped increase revenue through some clever campaign?


Remember, your resume is a great PR opportunity - you are promoting yourself! Ensure it is representing you in the best way possible. For more guidance on writing a 'Professional Experience' section, see our 'how to guide'.



Additional Skills:


PR is an industry that relies heavily on different mediums to spread the word. Consider revealing your social media knowledge and web 2.0 technologies.


If you have a personal blog or have blogged you can write this on your resume. You may also want to define your readership/subscribers.


If you have online marketing knowledge such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills, programming knowledge and design skills these all tie in with PR and will look great on your Public Relations resume.


Many people consider the additional skills section as being the least important part of your resume, simply an 'add on' to expound some personal hobbies - however, this is wrong. Don't be caught out with a poor additional skills section - check out our resource guide that will ensure your resume wins you an interview.



Best Action Verbs:



“Spearheaded a $7.5million Levi jeans campaign across social media, increasing followers by 27% and conversions to flagship website by 0.6%”



“Delivered PR pieces within deadlines for various clients retaining 100% of clients through satisfaction”



“Handled 8 major Fortune 500 client accounts responding to negative press across social media channels”


DON'T FORGET THE COVER LETTER! We provide the best tools for you to write an engaging cover letter HERE.  Follow our advice and the phone will be ringing off the hook with interested employers - but first, find out how to ace your interview.



What Does It Take?


If you’re looking for a career in PR then its best to get an understanding of the duties and responsibilities entailed. After you have an understanding of these, you can better tailor your resume and help get your foot in the door.


PR involves performing a wide range of duties that help improve the public image of the company you represent. This may involve performing any of the following duties, sometimes all at once:


  • Build and maintain positive relationships with customers/clients
  • Media liaise - answering journalist questions and interviews
  • Press release – writing articles, speeches or statements
  • Planning and developing PR strategies
  • Motivate and influence others for the benefit of your organization
  • Oversee production and distribution of promotional material
  • Develop and maintain outreaching social media, including blogs
  • Meet, greet, wine & dine valuable clients/account holders


this man is embarrassed by his public relations resumeHe accidentally Tweeted from the company account.
 by striatic (contact)


Unfortunately, public relations jobs offer high annual wages and a variety of additional ‘perks’, so the entry requirements have jumped up and up over the past 20 years, as companies expect a higher caliber of individual to be the face of their company.


Entry Requirements:


A bachelors degree isn’t essential, but will most definitely give you an advantage, as more and more organizations make this a basic requirement. Here are the top 5 degrees that will help get you in the door:


  • Communication and media studies;
  • English and literary studies;
  • Business/management;
  • Advertising/marketing;
  • Politics.



The world of PR spans numerous industries from all sectors, both public and private, utility and media, also voluntary and non-profit. You may have images of flash agents like Jerry Maguire, and there are equally flashy jobs out there, but this career also entails late nights, early mornings, work filled weekends, and always being on show.


What will make you good a PR? Consider these as core requirements that need to be established when writing your resume. Here are our top 5 P.R. essential skills:


1.     Great verbal and written communication skills and highly sociable

2.     Confidence interacting with people from all walks of life & ability to engage each person individually

3.     Great ability to both multitask and adapt quickly

4.     Impeccable organizational and planning skills

5.     Ability to stay up to date on any given subject



Wages and Employment Figures:


Seems like you have to be pretty talented to work this job! So what sort of money should you expect? Below we show 5 industries that offer the highest average annual salary:


Industry: Average Anuual Wage:
Petroleum and coal products manufacturing   $129,500
Drugs and druggist sundry merchant wholesalers $93,000
Computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing $85,500
Oil and gas extraction $84,000
Natural gas distribution $83,000



Pharmaceuticals and natural resources seem to dominate the top end of pay scales in the US, but not all of us are fortunate to live in a region where such jobs are available. So what are the top recruiting industries, offering the most P.R jobs?


Below is a selection of industries that offer high average annual wages, which also hold a lot of PR jobs:



Industry: Employed within given industry (2012): Average Annual Wage
Advertising, public relations and related 35,500  $68,000
Business, professional, labor, political and similar organization 15,000 $50,000
Management of companies and enterprises 10,000 $62,000
College, universities and professional schools 15,500 $50,000

We hope this information is useful - below we explain the next step; how to create a powerful and effective resume. Good luck!




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