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Respiratory Therapist Resume Sample

This is a sample resume for a respiratory therapist designed to help professionals dealing with respiratory illness better write their own resume. Working in hospitals and dealing with highly contagious diseases means resume writing should be a breeze. Feel free to use some of the professionally written bullet points from the sample below as guides when composing your own resume. 


Some valuable skills that respiratory therapists will have on their resumes might include resuscitation skills, knowledge of respiratory equipment and other first aid certifications. Teamwork is also important as many respiratory therapists will work with or under the supervision of physicians. 


Respiratory therapist jobs are going to increase rapidly in the near future. Not only does this job require relatively little training, the salary is also high enough to be considered "decent", coming in at a max of $70,000. Read about this phenomenon in this blog post.


This sample resume for a respiratory therapist can be quite helpful to anyone seeking their own resume to apply for this position. 


Respiratory Therapist Resume Sample


Key Takeaways:

After reading closely and weighing the impact of the above resume, there are a few things that can be taken away in terms of what this samples strengths and weaknesses are. Evaluating both the positives and negatives should help you craft an exceptionally strong respiratory therapist resume. 

Some of the positives include:

  • The candidate made full use of the paper, leaving no blank white space and packing it full of relevant information. 
  • The candidate included both the university they received their bachelors degree as well as the university they received their specialized therapy degree.
  • Including team player in the additional skills is a nice addition as being a therapist requires working well with people and in teams.


Some additions that would strengthen this resume even more would include:

  • The inclusion of a cover letter where the candidate explained in more detail how they are qualified for the specific position being sought. 
  • Inclusion of numbers when referring to number of patients or beds cared for, as this will jump off the paper to the reader.




4437 Paunch Lane, Omaha, NE 67657

(243) 434-6565


Respiratory Therapist with over 8 years of experience managing and treating various cardiopulmonary disorders. Possesses hands on training with diverse respiratory equipment and gases and a devoted commitment to my work.




Respiratory Therapist May 2008 – Present

  • Assist in caring for patients suffering from various respiratory diseases such as tuberculosis and asthma.
  • Interview and examine patients prior to their admission to determine whether they should be isolated or not.
  • Explain diagnoses and treatment procedures to patients so as to dispel any fear they may have.
  • Keep track of the oxygen levels in patient’s blood and adjusting treatment accordingly.



Assistant Respiratory Therapist July 2002 – April 2008

  • Was responsible for draining mucus from the lungs of patients who were chronically ill or about to undergo surgery.
  • Carefully monitored a patient’s breathing patterns while they underwent surgery or were under general anesthesia
  • Provided rehabilitation therapies to patients whose lungs had become ill due to long term smoking or chronic illness.
  • Trained pulmonary ill patients how to properly administer aerosols as well as ensuring that those patients who could not breathe on their own were provided with ventilators for artificial breathing.


It's important that a Respiratory Therapist has a nicely written, informative "Education" section. Read about this section here.


Advanced Diploma in Respiratory Therapy, June 2002

  • Graduated Cum Laude
  • Captain of hockey team



Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, June 2000

  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude
  • Captain of varsity football team



  • Works well under pressure and in emergencies and detail oriented.
  • Team player with superb customer service.
  • Cheerful character and extremely time conscious.


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