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Restaurant Resume Samples and Tips

Browse these superb restaurant resume examples and our writing guide to help you write your own hospitality resume, or just give you an idea of what a professionally produced resume should look like.


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Branch Manager Resume SampleRestaurant Manager Resume Sample

***Resume Samples Related to the Catering Industry***


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Depending on your responsibilities, you may have a very different looking resume compared to another applicant in the same food service industry. A waiter, for example, will have a resume format quite different to that of a chef or restaurant proprietor. Read the section that relates to you.



The restaurant manager will be looking for these skills on your resume:


  • Ability to time manage. You will be expected to manage tables or cooking schedules in a timely manner. Write about deadlines you met for coursework and how you plan your own timetables both in and out of school.
  • Communication skills. In the restaurant, you will need to communicate with staff and customers alike. Did you present information in front of a group? This could have been a school project or a strategy you presented for your football team. 
  • Multitasking. You'd be surprised how many duties you have to balance as either a waiter/waitress or chef. Have you ever joined a group where many opinions/thoughts or arguments were presented at once and you had to draw a conclusion?


If you are a waiter, your resume will be focused primarily on service and hospitality. You should quantify your responsibilities by including the size of the restaurant you waited on in terms of seat occupancy, rooms, and the amount of revenue received. You should also specify which role within waiting you played, whether it's floor management, bar management, or reservations management. 


If you have no previous experience as a waiter consider emphasizing these points on your resume:


  • Any previous jobs that required sales skills: Most restaurants have "Specials of the Day" or "Combo Deals" that make a lot of money. You may be required to sell these types of dishes, so be sure to include experiences where you have successfully pushed sales.
  • Product knowledge: Do you have a good memory? You should practice because not only will you need to remember table numbers, orders and possibly customers names but also the types of dishes on sale. Mention how you researched your previous organization's products and services and used that knowledge to increase revenue.
  • Flexible communication skills: Every restaurant has customers, other waiting staff, chefs (who also have their own hierarchy levels), in-house managers, regional managers, outside media (possibly), restaurant inspectors, and so on. Think about a time where you have communicated and achieved an outcome with people unlike yourself either in a job or in your own life.


To summarize, a waiter's resume will focus more on customer service skills, managing time and increasing customer satisfaction rates. If you don't believe us, Gordon Ramsey himself will let you know!





A chef’s resume format will focus less on customer service and more on experience, the size of the team worked with or managed, and different awards or milestones achieved. For example, chef’s resume will state the cooking equipment he/she is familiar with, as well as different cuisines he/she is knowledgeable about.


Here are a few things to consider on a Chef resume:


  • Cuisines you cook often
  • Your level as a chef
  • Any unique equipment you can use
  • The amount of tables served
  • The size of the cooking team
  • Any restaurant or personal awards
  • Certificates


Here's an excerpt from a restaurant resume:


NASVILLE GASTRONOME                                                                                                  Nashville, TN

Head Chef                                                                                                                  June 2005 – Present

  • Lead 7 junior chefs and other kitchen staff in a 120+ seat restaurant in preparing a variety of gourmet dishes for our distinguished customers.
  • Conduct 2 cooking classes per week for paying customers as well as for some of the kitchen staff to improve on their skills.
  • Develop a creative 5-course daily menu for the restaurant incorporating starters, main courses, desserts and so on.
  • Crate tantalizing American recipes for various new dishes on the menu to pique the curiosity of customers and keep them coming back for more.
  • Visit local farmers, butchers and fishmongers every morning to procure only the freshest produce for the restaurant reducing costs by 8% per annum.


A hiring manager will also you look at your ability to work in a SUCCESSFUL restaurant. There is a lot of prestige in this industry and if you have experience in a profitable, high end restaurant you have much better opportunities for personal growth. It also looks great on your resume. If you have yet to get this experience consider volunteering in a top restaurant, even if it means washing the dishes if you can get to meet the head chef you never know what you may gain from this opportunity.



The owner of the restaurant will also mention the size of his or her restaurant in occupancy terms, but will focus more on the financials of such operations. An owner of a restaurant will need to show its profitability first and foremost, while including customer service, cuisine specialties and expansion second.


Consider what job you are looking for next. As an owner you were already top of the crowd so a potential recruiter may question your motives of such a change. On your resume write down in a Summary of Qualifications your aims for the near future, say, in the next 5 years. If you are a failed entrepreneur you should consider reading this article that will guide you on the best practices of making your resume shine in the hardest of times.


Check out this example from an owner resume:


AURELIAS RESTAURANT                                                                                                 Tulsa, OK

Owner                                                                                                                   September 2006 – Present

  • Managed the financials and controlled a $1 million budget to facilitate the further purchase of food and take care of other expenses.
  • Manage the hiring of 32 extra staff whenever we take on large jobs so as not to overwhelm current staff members with more work than they can efficiently handle.
  • Attend to and address all customer complaints regarding food or service quality winning the "Good Restaurant Award" 3 years running
  • Plan menus and arrange food in an eye-catching way for a variety of occasions and clients.
  • Ensure all employees meet all health, safety and licensing requirements.


As you can see above, this owner shows how he controlled a budget (cost saving is valued highly in any serious organization), managed staff, hired, handled customer service, delved into marketing and maintained a professional environment. All these skills on your resume will look great for your next job.


Restaurant resume owning chef in kitchen, hot flames from panIf you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.
 by geezaweezer (contact)




1. Career Objective: Chef, Cook and Restaurateur career objectives will all vary greatly in their targeted focus because each has very separate tasks from one another.


Here's an excample of an Executive Chef resume sample.


  • Executive Chef with over 10 years of experience of running highly successful and rated restaurants. Trained under Pierre Luigi with wide exposure to various cuisines including Caribbean and Italian.


As you can see, this chef lets the potential hirer know that he's handled other restaurants, and also defined a time period. As a chef, you should mention the cuisines you specialize in, as well as any training from mentors.


Next, we have a Banquet Manager career objective.


  • Banquet Manager with over 12 years of experience and excellent skills handling large crowds, overseeing servers, and responding to customer's needs.  Possesses solid business experience and education.


Again, you should mention your years of experience.  Moreover, as a manager, you should also write the amount of staff you managed. This candidate didn't do this, which is fine, but it definitely helps you to make your career objective stand out. The final part of the career objective is also too broad. Consider stating the main certificate you hold in the areas of Banquet Management or Event Planning.


  • Restaurant Owner for over 23 years running 2 high-end restaurants with over $75 million revenue seeking to join expanding global restaurant chain with expertise in Mexican cuisine.


Restaurateurs may perhaps choose to focus more on financials and track records than actual culinary training, as they are not just a chef but also a businessman, accountant and perhaps even a marketer. The career objective above covers both the financials and the specialties.


2. Additional Skills Section: Additional skills for a chef will primarily be related to cuisine and different pieces of cooking equipment you are familiar with. Also, safety and or first aid certifications could also be listed on the resume, as employers may be seeking these qualifications in a candidate. Be sure to put this in a new section.


A Restaurateur's additional skills will be more varied than that of a Chef, for the same reasons as mentioned in the career objective segment above. As a Restaurateur, additional skills will be broader in scope and entail more business and management related activities instead of just cooking and food preparation skills.




Many action verbs of the chef and restaurateur will overlap because they are both within the same service industry. Some common and useful verbs these two types of resumes can include, but aren’t limited to:


  • Oversaw
  • Produced
  • Reviewed
  • Assigned
  • Coordinated
  • Innovated
  • Developed
  • Trained
  • Operated
  • Devised
  • Completed
  • Established
  • Marketed 





Getting an interview for a restaurant job or food service job starts with a stunning resume and ends with you walking out of that interview with a smile on your face.


According to primary research at the National Restaurant Association employment in the restaurant industry in the USA is expected to increase by over 9% within the next 10 years.


This increase in jobs reveals not only will there be a lot more hungry people in the world by 2023 but that your chance of getting a restaurant job will also increase. Add to the fact that 93% of eating and drinking places have less than 50 employees and a great variety of companies hiring.


Of course, all this talk of great employment opportunities is no good if the salary you receive does not match your personal requirements. PayScale research in 2013 reveals that the median-wage for a Restaurant Manager is over $40,000 per year.






The student resume sample below was generated using Resume Companion's resume template and resume builder.


This resume is an example of an undergraduate's resume and what it might look like if they were applying to a job at a restaurant or bar. Take note on the formatting and layout of the resume to better help you write your own. 

The resume below shows that Peter Smith is a good student with high motivation. Because he has not yet graduated, he has placed his “Education” section above the “Professional Experience” section. This is despite the fact that Peter has some very impressive work experience. Obviously, since you don't have substantial work experiences yet and are a student this will be your most recent experience. 


He’s also filled up his “Additional Skills” section with a lot of keywords related to graphic design. That makes his resume far more likely to get past an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which is a computerized system designed to automatically filter out irrelevant candidates. It is very important that you know what an ATS is, or your resume may stumble out the gate. However, if just applying to a local mom and pop restaurant you won't have to worry too much about ATS or the like, simply writing a good resume should do the trick. 

All in all, Peter’s formatted his resume according to best practices for a student, and has avoided these 10 mistakes common to student resumes. This format should be able to land him a job in just about any restaurant industry related job. 




Everything on the above resume was automatically written by our resume building software, which is widely considered to be the best on the Web. How is that possible?

Our software access a gigantic database of job descriptions, each of which have been formulated in advance as complete sentences. This means that when Peter was using our software to make his resume, he was simply clicking sentences that matched up with his job descriptions.

He did not worry about having to agonize over word use and word placement, to ensure that a hiring manager found his resume professionally written. The software made it impossible for him to forget or miss any of his important job responsibilities, giving the hiring manger a full picture of his capabilities and skills.

Simply put, using our free resume builder will help you quickly create a resume that will impress a hiring manager. If you’re looking for that peace of mind, give us a try! Read our customer testimonials if you are still unconvinced. The nicest thing about all of this is that if you are a student you are probably pretty cramped on time, and that's why software can be so useful. However, if you are a student on a tight budget, don't worry about it, with a couple hours of focused edition you should be able to emulate the sample above by yourself.  Best of luck in your job search! 



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