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Sales, Advertising, and Marketing Resume Samples

Welcome to the advertising, marketing and sales resume format page, where we’ll teach you how to make these three types of resume with outstanding professionalism. If you work in customer service, find out about writing your customer service sales resume.


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I.  How To Write a Sales Resume

II. Sales Resume Samples



I. How To Write a Marketing Resume

II. Marketing Resume Samples

III. What's the Difference Between Sales and Marketing?



I. How to Write an Advertising Resume

II. Why Get into Advertising?




Sales resumes must be very well written and perfectly formatted, as competition for prime sales jobs is fierce. This page will focus on the actual formatting of the bullet points and titles, as opposed to the digital format of the actual resume.


Take a look at this Sales Executive resume sample:


BABCOCK AND WILCOX                                                                                                 Charlotte, NC

Sales Executive                                                                                                           April 2006 – Present

  • Successfully tapping the 18 - 35 market and expanding reach into the emerging $4.2 billion digital technology sector
  • Building a full-scale $6 million sales operation from the ground up including database systems, recruitment of 7 senior regional sales managers and developing sales and marketing strategies
  • Identifying strategic goals and project managed multiple ongoing web-direct marketing campaigns with billings in range of $1M to $3M and supervising creative and technical staff.          
  • Joining senior management to market new products of consumer goods into traditional retail channels of distribution in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FCMG) market.

This is a brilliant professional experience example. The Sales Executive shows that they can make a lot of revenue for their company. They also nail down on the types of markets they sold to, the size of their team and the types of products sold. From these four bullet points alone a sales hiring manager has enough information to know if the candidate is worthy of an interview.


happy salesman jumping for joyThe inner joy of making a big sale.
 by MiiiSH (contact)


Stating any major achievements or accomplishments in numerical form well make them stand out to Hiring Managers much more clearly than if written in alphabetical form. For example if you increased revenue state so in a just such a way: “Increased revenue by 12% in 4 months”


Keep your resume to just one or two pages, as anything in excess will just detract from the strength of your accomplishments. A resume should rarely go past two pages, unless they are of an academic, research, doctoral or executive nature. 




1. Career Objective: The career objective section of a sales resume should focus on the previous cumulative experience of the applicant as well as the applicants’ future ambitions at the company being applied to. It is important to remember to state why and how you will positively impact a company by your being hired, and how your previous experiences and skills will contribute directly to aforementioned success.


For example:


  • "5+ years as Regional Sales Manager for a flagship cellphone store seeking a Sales Executive position for a dynamic electronic company"


Limit the Sales career objective to just one or two sentences in length, as any more and the core of the resume’s message is diluted, any less and the message won’t be communicated clearly. 


Here's another example of a Sales Manager:


  • "Sales Management with over 10 years of experience supervising, training and motivating 300+ sales staff while planning sales strategies and managing a multi-state territory leading to increasing sales revenues"


This career objective STANDS OUT. The Sales Manager shows both experience and achievement as well as the scope of the achievement. This career objective can be improved further by writing which job and/or position you require next. Such as:


  • "Seeking a Regional Sales Manager position at a progressive stationery company"


2. Additional Skills: As an applicant for a Sales position you want to present yourself as a physical manifestation of Return-on-Investment (ROI). Just as consumers shop for the automobile that as the most features as standard, so do Hiring Managers seek the applicant with the largest skillset. 


Since Sales positions are highly person based, mention any technology and account management software such as Zoho CRM or Zendesk but remember that you don't need to write this section if you have no additional skills to show.


You may be better off writing an Awards and Honors section where you can list your sales awards.


Take a look at this Sales Awards section:


  • Sales Director of the Year, Mortgage Alliance LLC, 2013
  • Top Salesperson, Mortgage Alliance LLC, 2013
  • Regional Captain of Conversion' Equity Bros., 2012


The candidate reveals their prowess in the field. Awards look great on a resume and especially on a Sales resume. You can do the same even if you haven't won any awards maybe you have commendations, recommendations or certificates.


3. Sales Resume Common Keywords: Similar to the additional skills section, the action verbs used in a Sales resume will revolve largely around communication, as it is pivotal for success in the sales industry. Some action verbs suited for a sales resume include but aren’t limited to:


  • Recruited
  • Spoke
  • Influenced
  • Mediated
  • Motivated
  • Developed
  • Addressed
  • Directed
  • Negotiated
  • Reasoned
  • Promoted
  • Marketed
  • Invested
  • Reconciled
  • Sold


***BONUS*** A few further tips for your sales resume: Weave into your resume format of an advertiser, marketer or sales rep how you were able to bring value to a company or organization. Some things to consider include:


  • Marketing projects and management of budget
  • Any positive return-on-investment (ROI)
  • The size of the advertising team and people management
  • Any sales targets you met or exceeded
  • Any customer or client satisfaction rates and repeat custom


Sales and Marketing Resume Format TipsIn marketing, it's a brave new world.
 by ganderssen1 (contact)




Pharmaceutical Sales Resume Sample Sales Manager Resume Sample Marketing and Sales Resume Sample





I. How To Write a Marketing Resume

II. Marketing Resume Samples

III. What's the Difference Between Sales and Marketing?




Be precise and avoid any jargon language that may clutter up the style. Get straight to the point and showcase your achievements and any marketing awards. You may create new sections called “Projects”, “Achievements”, “Career Highlights”, etc.


Things to consider in your professional experience:

  • revenue
  • conversions
  • costs saved
  • visitors to a website
  • footfall to a store
  • size of audience reached
  • types of medium used
  • social buzz


See this sample for more ideas:

VMWARE                                                                                                                                       Boise, ID

Marketing Director                                                                                                   December 2004 – Present

  • Devising ways to positively differentiate product from competition, maintaining brand positioning of 36% market share
  • Developing themes for and overseeing the company website with 300,000 unique visitors per month
  • Collaborating with 8 diverse departments to work on $5.5 million campaign for health alarm systems statewide
  • Providing supervision and training for 92 staff members as well as maintaining a climate that attracts, retains, and motivates top quality personnel.    
  • Designing strategies that positively impact customer acquisition, 90% retention rate and relationships and championing marketing initiatives in the field.
  • Won award for Best Marketing Campaign, 2013 with 8% conversion rates throughout 39 cities in state of Idaho



Also, since you are a marketer you should be on top of social media, including your own, so make sure all your profiles are either private and/or cleaned up of anything that you might now want a potential employer to see. You may also mention any professional memberships and associations linked to the advertising industry to further solidify your credentials.




1. Career Objective: When writing your Sales or Marketing career objective consider where you see yourself in 5 years time. Define one key achievement followed by your plans for the future. Keep this to 1 or 2 sentences maximum.


See this Marketing Vice President resume objective:


  • "A Marketing Vice President with over 12 years of experience in print advertising for a world leading publication. Possesses a Bachelor’s in Journalism and Masters in Business Administration seeking a developmental role in B2B relations."


2. ​Additional Skills: You may find it difficult to write your additional skills section on your Marketing resume. But don't worry its not actually that hard. Consider any technology you are capable of using. Write any courses you took that reveal your product knowledge or your ability to converse with people. 


Also, check out this example additional skills section below, which has some other ideas you might want to include:


Sales and Marketing Resume Format Help


One of the key tenets above is that of building and maintaining revenue so any software linked to account management or quantitative analysis can easily be written on your resume. 


See this Internet Marketer resume additional skills:


  • Google Analytics
  • Ahrefs 
  • Buzzstream
  • Open Site Explorer


These are the types of tools that help them do their job.


3. Common Keywords: "Liaised with numerous clients", "Increased revenue by x%" and "Boosted footfall in the store" are all the types of verbs you can use to really shine a light on your sales and marketing credentials. Your industry allows you to really quantify your achievements so do it.


Your main aim is probably to increase the bottom-line of a company so don't forget to mention it.




Biotech Marketing Manager Resume Sample Marketing Intern Resume Sample Marketing Student Resume Sample
Telemarketing Director Resume Sample Marketing Executive Resume Sample  





You may be wondering what's the difference between Sales and Marketing? This video will explain:





I. How to Write an Advertising Resume

II. Why Get into Advertising?




1. Career Objective: Consider this example:


  • "9 years experience as an advertising employee looking to take on more responsibilities and manage larger scale print projects. Possess a BA in Communications and Master’s in Management."


Wow, in just two sentences we already know enough about this candidate to make a decision if they are the right fit for the position. This is the power of the career objective or summary of qualifications.


Summary of qualifications? What's that? Well, read here to find out more.  This sums up your main areas of strength. You can use both a career objective and summary of qualifications but this is most recommended for those with a lot of experience or for senior executives or above.


2. Professional Experience: This is the “meat” of your resume, so don’t under cook, or over cook it! As a person in advertising and marketing, hiring managers will be curious about what the size of your previous company was, the type and scope of the of projects you worked on, and how successful they were.


If your ad campaigns were successful – great, add that information and specifically write how much money they made, or by how much they increased sales. If you work more on the administrative side then take a look below.


See this Advertising Assistant resume:


  • Managed all purchasing orders total $300 million per annum and organized billings from advertise media for sign off to department heads.
  • Performed tasks such as updating and maintaining 1500+ customer database and account management.
  • Assisted with promotions by using resources such as social media (Twitter and Google+) and radio (KTM 30.5) to establish a 28% market share.
  • Performed tasks of writing advertising copy, creating graphics, layout print ads, develop copy for sales letters, and other marketing materials.


Do not simply list your responsibilities – an advertising and marketing hiring manager already knows what kind of daily duties everyone in your job has to do. Your resume should be trim and to the point.


Writing that you conducted daily meetings is meaningless – talk meaningfully about your experience. How many people did you work with? What was your advertising budget? What type of medium did you use?


Most importantly, begin each point with an action verb indicating what you did. Advertising and marketing resumes frequently employ verb phrases like:


  • “Conducted market analysis for…”
  • “Increased company sales by…”
  • “Managed a team of…”.


3. Education Section: If you have a lot of work experience this section is mostly a formality. Leave off your high school if you have a college degree. However, if you are an entry-level candidate, include extra-curricular activities, relevant coursework, volunteer work, awards, and other information that reflects how active you are.


If you are still confused check out our resource devoted solely to writing your education section.


Things to consider include if you worked in media at school (radio, TV or print) in addition to any media or sociology related subjects that may link well to your chosen advertising career path.


For example:


  • Editor of Chicago University Student Magazine, 2008 - 2010
  • Broadcaster on CUTV, 2009
  • Managed Advertising Bursary for Student Union, 2007 - 2010


These look especially great if you are an entry-level candidate or have little work experience yet.




In this section, we will teach you how to write an advertising resume. The advertising industry is BIG BUSINESS. If you don't believe us just check out this post by the Business Insider on the most expensive commercials of all time. The multi-billion dollar industry isn't going away anytime soon.


Which 3 commercials were the most expensive of all time?


1. Chanel, 2007 - Nicole Kidman stars as the twinkly-eyed love-struck starlet rolling around on a Chanel logo. Perfume has never felt so dramatic. ($33 million)



2. Guinness, 2007 - With the motto "Good things comes to those who wait" this blockbuster commercial let's you know the power of this black and white drink ($16 million)



3. Aviva, 2008 - Using celebrities in commercials may be expensive but Aviva had the belief the return on investment would pay off  ($13 million)


The top three most expensive commercials equate to over a staggering $60 million in ad spend. Let's put that into perspective, for the approximate three minutes of TV commercial you just watched each minute cost approximately $20 million or $330,000 per second! It's a big industry that scopes across a variety of media.


Are you suited to advertising?


If you are creative, understand people and have imagination you may well be suited to this career. You will probably be working on campaigns so teamwork is vital. Also consider that you may have to work overtime to see a project through.


Although the hours can be long job satisfaction is usually very high and seeing your final advert head out to your target audience can be an exciting time for all involved. But remember, you will be judged on how much revenue you can pull in or by how much you can sway the public consciousness. The power is yours.


Now that you understand how to write a sales, marketing, and advertising resume, why not give our resume builder a shot?


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Sales, advertising, and marketing resume samples (Sorted A - Z)