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Server and Waitress Resume Sample

Getting your foot in the door for an interview at a restaurant is actually fairly simple. Pay close attention to this server/waitress resume sample and our writing tips, and open up more doors of opportunity. For any questions about resumes in general, not just Server or Waitress specific (such as Bartender, Cleaner, Chef, Dishwasher) you can view our complete resource list for help. 

Server Waitress Resume Sample

Server/Waitress Resume Template

6969 Walnut Blvd., Minneapolis, MN 44591

(141) 212-5465

Formally trained Server with 8+ years of experience. Nationally certified Food Handler with PSCC credentials. Seeking to leverage proven skills and acquired experience into a managerial position to grow your business. (Learn more about Career Objectives and how to write them)



Dining Wait Staff Manager August 2009 – Present (This is a Reverse Chronological resume. Learn more about the other two types of resume formats here.)

  • Managed wait staff of 25+, serving 35 tables daily for 3-star fine dining establishment
  • Clean all work areas, equipment, utensils, dishes, and silverware and ensure they are stored appropriately in accordance to state law, passing every annual health inspection
  • Trained an average of 10 new employees per year in proper food preparation procedures, ensuring attention to safety, hygiene, and team efficiency
  • Ensure all 400sq/ft. of the restaurant and lounge exceed state and federal cleanliness standards.
  • Introduced iPad reservations system, trained entire staff on use of TableManager app functions

1918 DRIVE IN DINER St. Paul, MN

Night Team Lead July 2007 – July 2009

  • Took orders, scheduled wait staff hours, directed night operations with team of 10 maintaining 100% customer satisfaction through entire 3 yeas of employment.
  • Coordinated order flow between wait staff and kitchen staff, working to increase order delivery efficiency and reduce customer wait time by an average of 3 minutes.

Night Team Waiter August 2006-July 2007

  • Took and delivered customer orders in all weather conditions in an efficient and courteous manner all while wearing roller skates.



Certificate in Food Handling and Safety, June 2007

  • Program Honors Mention
  • Part-time Campus Sous Chef

ST.CLOUD UNIVERSITY St. Cloud, MN (Learn how to write your Education Section here)

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Hospitality & Tourism, June 2006

  • Regular honor roll recipient
  • Organized annual food drives for local food shelf


  • Highly skilled leader with skills in delegating tasks, team building, and creating positive customer experiences
  • Skilled in Microsoft office, Cisco Unified Communications phone reservation systems and TableManager software
  • Bilingual (Spanish)


  • Current ServSafe Food Handler certification
  • Minnesota Certified Food Manager (CFM)
  • First Aid certified

2 Steps for writing an Excellent Server/Waitress Resume

Server resumes are interesting and interesting combination of customer service, food service and hospitality industries and may lean towards one more than another depending on your previous experience and what job you are applying to.

Incorporating transferable professional skills are important for making a truly effective Waiter resume, which the above resume does well highlighting relevant certifications, managerial skills, customer service skills and software knowledge. The diversity in their experiences and knowledge make them attractive to a wider variety of food service industry employers.

Restaurants, diners, hotels and cruise ships are always on the lookout for talented servers and waiters, so optimizing your resume for the position with the following tips is all it takes to get your foot in the door. By incorporating the following resume builders into your resume you’ll soon be on your way to making more money.

1. Include a Succinct Career Objective

A career objective helps target your resume for a specific position by highlighting industry relevant skills and knowledge. In the case of the humble waiter, your career objective should highlight waiting experience as well as food certificates and management experience if you have it.

Remember to customize to the position you are applying for. For example, for a wait staff leader position you will want to focus first and foremost on management, followed by waiting experience. For example:

Formally trained server with 10+ years of experience and 5 years of management experience. Looking to leverage proven managerial skills with a reputable establishment such as (insert restaurant name).

Conversely, if seeking a bar/drinks oriented position, mention knowledge of cocktails and multi-tasking skills. If seeking a front desk position highlight customer service and communication skills, as that position focuses more on customer satisfaction than others. Adapting your resume to a specific position is key when targeting a new job. Remember, triple check for grammar and spelling, as these are the most common ways most resumes end up in the trash.

2. Include industry specific certifications and additional skills

Everyone knows the food service industry is one of the more tightly regulated industries in the world. There are a plethora of food safety certification authorities at all levels. Seriously consider taking courses and attaining some of these certifications to better qualify you for a position.

Certifications are broken down into State level, National level and International Private levels. For example, attaining the Certified Foodservice Professional (CFSP) certification will help you no matter where in the country you are applying.

Alternatively you could seek Food Service Manager Certification, HACCP Certification or Food Handler Certification from the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals. This organization allows for online learning so you can earn these credentials from the comfort of your own home!

Additionally, most states offer state-level certification programs. If you only plan to work within the state you reside you may be better off pursuing these more localized programs. Simply Google Search your State and “Food Service Certification” and you will be able to find what you need. These programs are usually run by (insert state name)+Department of Health Services”. For example, here is Texas’ state resource.

Finally, consider pursuing a non-state affiliated certification program, as some of these are more popular than local or regional certifications and many employers will even pay you to attend the classes and get the certificates. The largest private certification body in the U.S is ServSafe, and they also allow for learning via online classes, where you can earn a variety of certificates ranging from food handling to alcohol serving. Investing in industry specific education is always a great idea!

With the above tips you should be able to cook up an irresistible resume for any sever/waiter position. For more detailed tips on how to become a waiter or waitress the good folks at Gradspot offer a nice resource on the subject. For a list of schools and community colleges that offer waiter/servicer specific education check out, as they list out schools across the country specializing in food service positions. Remeber, every job is unique, and every applicant is different, so some applications may call for differently formatted resumes. Learn more about sending multiple resumes here


Didn’t get the specific answers you wanted from this page? Please leave a comment with your question.

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Server and waitress resume sample (Sorted A - Z)