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Teacher, Training & Education Resume Samples

Hello, fellow educator. You’ve come to the Education and Training Resume Format Tips page. We take it that you’re here to learn how to write a resume relevant to education and training – and so we will teach you.


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a perfect classroom to write your teacher resume inSimmer down and listen up to this resume advice!
 by LizMarie_AK (contact)


The process of writing a teacher resume is simple and easy. Take your time to go through all of this resource.


1. Career Objective: “Education and Training” is obviously a very broad category, so depending on the job you’re applying for, this section could look very different. The basic rule of thumb with a career objective is that it should be no longer than two sentences, and should be targeted at showing how your skills and qualifications make you the ideal candidate for fulfilling the company’s needs.


In other words, “your” career objective is really about THEIR career objective. As an example, a personal trainer might write:


  • “A professional athletic trainer with over 7 years of experience in exercise, nutrition, and rehabilitation therapy. Possess a Bachelor’s in Sports Management and a Master’s in Sports Medicine.”


A hiring manager can immediately grasp if this person is qualified or not, giving them a much higher chance of being interviewed. Not satisfied? Here's even more information about how to write a career objective.


2. Professional Experience: If you wrote a great career objective and have hooked the hiring manager, this professional experience section is where you can blow them out of the water.


The most important thing to remember about this section is that each description you write should begin with a verb phrase, followed by duties and tasks you performed at your job.


Here's an example of an Elementary Tutor resume:


PEORIA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                                                   Peoria, IL

Elementary Tutor                                                                               September 1998 – Present

  • Tutored 130+ students in mathematics, reading, science, history, social studies and, spelling.
  • Created games and alternative methods of tutoring to keep the students interested in the subjects.
  • Tutored students who were at risk of failing, struggled with a subject, or had a learning disability.
  • Helped students raise their grades and test scores by 85%, giving them the self confidence to achieve.
  • Gave practice tests and showed students alternatives to better study habits. 


Try to frame these duties and tasks in the form of achievements. For instance, if you taught math to five different classes, by how much did their standardized test scores rise as a result as a result of your efforts? Also, did you work as a teacher overseas? If so, that is an incredible resume builder -- read why here.


Try to identify areas where your ideas helped improve efficiency, time management, saved money, increased brand recognition, and/or helped students learn better. This is the kind of meat hiring managers love to chew on, and will cause them to jump at the chance to interview you. We've got all kinds of information about how to secure your dream job as a teacher.


3. Education Section: The education section is very straightforward, though it can't hurt to read through these tips first. As a teacher, it's highly likely that you've attended college and received a degree in education, probably in a specific field like early education, special education, physical education, etc. Definitely include this information on your resume.


If you have just graduated, and are currently engaged in or completed your field work, this section should be ABOVE the professional experience section. You should include information about how much field work you finished, and where you did it.


Extra-curricular activities are also fair to mention, if you don't have much professional experience. Being active is an important part of being a teacher, so this can help you pick up an interview.


4. Skills, Certifications, and Licenses: Most states and teaching positions require that you have a teaching license or postgraduate certificates. We've included a picture below to give you an idea about how to format these sections.


additional skills and licenses on a teaching resume


We highlighted the CPR certification because although it's not directly relevant to teaching, it's still a certification that is worth mentioning on this kind of resume. The other skills have been placed into their own section, because although they are useful and important for attracting the attention of a hiring manager, they are nonetheless not as important as the actual certifications you have for teaching. Still, we suggest that you target these 5 skills that every employer looks for in a candidate.


And that, my friend, is how to write an education and training resume. Please take a look at our resume builder if you need help putting it together!




Crafting an effective Teacher resume depends both on the format of the resume and also the content within the text of the resume. When both resume formatting and the text is in harmony, only then will your Teacher or Tutor resume truly be effective.


old picture, four smiling teachersHow teachers looked before cell phones.


Read on to learn how to perfectly layout your resume as well as what sort of content to include to maximize your odds of landing that job.


The formatting on a Teacher resume is similar to other major professions in that it should be conservative, concise and professional. Unless applying for an Art Teacher or Design position, in which case a little color or graphics might be appreciated, play it safe and keep things professionally formatted, and if you include color, do so sparingly.


One or two pages is optimal for Teacher resumes like others, as packing information about yourself as an applicant into a concise one or two page document will leave a much larger impression than dribble spread over four or five pages.


Here's a teacher resume example for you:


SAN DIEGO UNIVERSITY                                                                            San Diego, CA

Math's Teacher                                                                                      June 1999 – Present

  • Taught basic algebra and trigonometry to 60+ students using the latest in math techniques.
  • Interacted with students about curriculum before and after classes, offering help to those who needed it.
  • Motivated students to make student committees to solve the student's problems in an organized manner.
  • Attended 3 weekly facility meetings to discuss the latest in education tools for students.
  • Raised $1500+ for African school for investment into Math's department
  • Used most of the available teaching aids (such as charts, PPTs, etc.) to convey the subject matter to students.


The content of a Teacher resume should include numerical quantification of achievements whenever possible. For example, state the size of classes taught, or student count of the district where you taught. This will provide scope of your achievements to your potential employer.


1. Career Objective: The career objective section of a Teacher or Tutor resume should be only one or two sentences in length and touch upon past experience and education as well as look forward into the future in regards to how you will benefit the school or institution should they hire you.


For example:


  • "10 years as an English Department Head with specialization in classic literature and prose in a 900+ student school.  Possesses a Bachelor’s in English and teacher qualifications"


State how your experience at a particularly large school district has taught you how to manage large groups of students, and how this responsibility has equipped you to deal with the smaller student body size at the school being applied to.


This type of career objective touches upon past experience and looks forward in equal proportions, making you seem both a qualified and enthusiastic applicant. Here's a helpful infographic that lays out how to make a winning career objective.


2. Additional Skills: Make sure to include any teaching or instructing specific skills, achievements or certifications you may have obtained over the years in the skills section of your Teacher or Tutor resume. For example, state all age groups you are certified to instruct, the States you are certified to instruct and the curriculum you are skilled at teaching.


Also list any major achievements or honors your pupils have received, as these will reflect positively on your teaching abilities. Don’t forget to include any safety skills you have, such as CPR or disability aid, as many diverse schools will see having a instructor who is knowledgeable about safety practices as a huge advantage.


Also, if you are multilingual include these as well as diverse school districts are bound to have some pupils whom English may not be their first language, or the language spoken in their household. Thus having a foreign language like Spanish or Chinese would be very advantageous to include in a Teacher or Tutor resume. 


3. Common Teaching Resume Verbs: Some useful action verbs for a Teacher or Tutor resume would include but are not limited to:


  • Adapted
  • Advised
  • Conducted
  • Developed
  • Encouraged
  • Facilitated
  • Individualized
  • Motivated
  • Stimulated
  • Organized
  • Reviewed
  • Standardized
  • Exceeded
  • Pioneered
  • Achieved


Once you get the interview, be sure that you nail the interview! Here's how to ace a teacher interview.




Training resumes are unique in that they focus heavily on experience where other resumes may focus more on education or technical skills. Training in any capacity, by nature, requires experience, and a well-written Training resume remembers to place emphasis on previous experiences.


Thinking about doing an apprenticeship? So are a lot of other people -- check out this post detailing why people are starting to prefer being trained, instead of being educated.


cool dog wearing goggles"I can't help it that I was born talented."


For senior level applicants, a summary of qualifications may be in order at the beginning of the resume as summary of qualifications focuses solely on the previous accumulated experience of an applicant. However, because it requires extensive experience including a qualifications summary is advisable only for senior level applicants or to those with over 12 years of industry relevant experience.


View this trainer resume excerpt:


VIRGINA COLLEGE                                                                                          Norfolk, VA

Athletic Trainer                                                                                       March 1999 – Present

  • Designed core strength, rehabilitation and conditioning programs for a 20-person department.
  • Traveled with football, lacrosse and, basketball teams to away games to assist a 3rd league place finish in 2013.
  • Developed nutrition and exercise regiments for football, lacrosse and, basketball teams. 
  • Discussed with the coaches the strengths and weaknesses of each team and, to build regiments.
  • Applied, managed and, instructed patients on the use and care of orthopedic appliances such as splints and braces and develop patient education materials.


What stands out from this professional experience is the ability to work with a variety of people and achieving goals. In this instance, the Athletic Trainer develops plans and regiments that help their students.


1. Additional Skills: The additional skills section in a Training resume is where the applicant really has a chance to show off their multitude of learned skills because the Training industry actually overlaps with many other industries your additional skills section can be quite comprehensive.


Remember to include any Training, certifications or special achievements you have received that lend to your Training authority, as many Training programs issue some sort of formal certification after lessons or courses have been completed.


Check out this little example to wet your taste buds:


  • Skilled in motivating training professionals to excel
  • Accomplished in multimedia and the Internet as learning mediums
  • Experience authoring text-based and computer-based training materials


Be ready with photocopies of these documents to provide employers upon their request. Also, scan said documents so that you can attach them digitally to your PDF resume and so that they can be viewed on a computer.


2. Common Keywords: Action verbs will be similar to other action verbs on different industry resumes as mentioned because Training positions overlap many other industries. However, there are a few very impactful verbs you may want to consider including on your Training resume. Remember you are not limited to these as they are merely suggestions.


  • Administered
  • Approved
  • Authorized
  • Consolidated
  • Coordinated
  • Delegated
  • Developed
  • Enforced
  • Executed
  • Hired
  • Improved
  • Increased
  • Planned
  • Resorted
  • Strengthened


Check out these 5 examples of world-class resumes before completing your training resume!


IV. EDUCATION RESUME SAMPLE (From the Resume Builder)


As previously discussed on this page, your education resume needs to stand out - the best way to make your resume glimmer in all its glory is to use the resume builder and find out for yourself just how quick and easy it is to create an effective resume. In Jane’s example resume below you will see that she created a new section for licenses. There are arrays of licenses you may have to detail in your resume, including a state accredited teaching license or any background checks, or possibly a first aid certificate. 


In addition to licenses, teachers and professors may have transcripts published, including, journals, theses, white-papers, etc. that they may wish to showcase. The resume builder allows you to create extra sections, in this case a “Publications and Presentations” may be necessary to highlight your expertise and knowledge in a specific field of study, bolstering your credibility within the teaching profession. 


Finally, once at the interview you will need to be prepared. Teaching interviews are notorious for testing you on a variety of skills in a short space of time. See how to ace your teacher interview and follow the key steps to finally getting that teaching job you deserve. Best of luck!




Click any of the images below to make them larger. Find the resume that relates to you!






After you've got through your resume, finished your cover letter, contacted schools for an interview, prepared for the interview, sent a follow up letter and eventually got the job. Your challenging yet rewarding journey as a teacher, trainer or educator has only just begun.


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