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Feature 1

50,000+ Pre-written Job Responsibilities

Our free resume maker has thousands of pre-written bullet points for you to select from - 50,000 in fact! Whatever your industry is, our simple ‘point and click’ job description selector makes it completely effortless to create a professional resume tailored to your professional needs. Get Started Now!

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Feature 2

Resume is Automatically Formatted For You

Formatting a resume by yourself is hard and frustrating - why not let our builder do it for you? Our builder handles it all by automatically formatting your resume perfectly onto your chosen resume template. The result is an impeccably formatted resume that will put you ahead of the competition. Get Started Now!

Feature 3

Easy Export to Word or PDF

Different companies require different file types, which is why our resume creator allows you to easily download yours in both Microsoft Word and PDF formats. It only takes one click to export your resume in the format of your choice, so you can apply to more jobs, faster. Get Started Now!

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Feature 4

Ask the Experts

Imagine if before you sent your resume off, you could have a resume expert review it thoroughly from start to finish? When you generate a resume on Resume Companion, you gain exclusive access to our incredible “Ask the Experts” service.

One of our Certified Resume Experts will assess your resume for readability and accuracy. You'll also receive personalized recommendations on how to improve it. Get Started Now!

Feature 5

All Resume Sections Included

One of the best features of our builder is that it allows you to fully customize your resume depending on your particular job seeking needs. Pick from 10 additional resume sections, such as a Career Objective, Professional Experience, and Qualifications Summary - and our builder will do the rest! Get Started Now!

Add new section whenever you need

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