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Real Customer Testimonials

Recent testimonials about our Resume Critique Service

Hi Joe! I signed on for one month only, but after the amazing help that I have been getting, I will be signing on for a lot longer! I have accomplished more in one week than I have in months! My questions have been answered promptly, the advice and guidance that I have received has been EXCELLENT. This is such a great site and the support I have received is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much... I look forward to continuing to work with you all.
-Christina Crowe from California

The first thing I noticed when I started using ResumeCompanion.Com was the ease of use in creating and managing the resumes and cover letters. Having the ability to go to various sections that form the resume and create/update them along with the help available in compiling the bullet points to describe the work experience makes it a very good tool for building the resume. Availability of various templates to preview and ease with which you can switch between templates, adds to the ease of use. The best part was the resume critique, which is the most important aspect for me. The team certainly met and exceeded my expectations in providing valid critique in an easy to understand manner that improved the presentation of the resume. The response to any request was timely and quick. I will certainly recommend their services to anyone who is looking for resume help.

My experience with Resume Companion has been delightful. The resume-development process was fast, easy and professional. I really liked the templates which allow you to build your resume and cover-letter section by section in a very logical way. But, even more impressive to me was the one-on-one access to an experienced resume-development coach who really coached me to make excellent improvements to my resume. I have already recommended Resume Companion to one friend and I will not hesitate to recommend this excellent service to others in the future.
-Don Scuvotti

Resume Builder and Jessica Lai have done an outstanding job in helping me create a solid resume and cover letter, in which surpassed my expectations when becoming a member of Without Jessica's valuable insight and attention to detail I strongly feel that my resume was lacking the needed substance for attracting prospective employers. Jessica continually critiqued my resume and cover letter in a manner that made me feel as if this was her own resume. Because of Jessica's aptitude, knowledge, and understanding of the job market, and the many individuals competing for the same jobs, Jessica and I was able to put together a resume that explicitly directs a prospective employer to seek my professional experience. This would not have been possible without Jessica's help, understanding, and patience throughout the resume building process. In the end, Jessica and I put together a top notch resume. Again, thank you Jessica for your fine work and attention to detail.
-Geralyn Rolfe

Resume Companion was a lifeline in writing a resume and preparing for an interview. I had not done a resume or done an interview in 12 years. Through 3 drafts, the suggestions online and their guidance of the support staff, I got an excellent resume done, was extremely prepared for the interview and got the job. Thank you very much.
Sherine. Los Angeles.
-Sherine Netters

I love the resumecompanion and have been recommending it to other people. I especially like the template selections, and also felt it helped me concentrate my thoughts by building content one job at a time. Of course, having someone to consult with online is also very helpful. Thank you, Andrea
-Andrea Strome

Resume Builder is the first and only resume writing web site that I go to for my resume and cover letter needs. I have found that that you don’t need to have a great writing skill to be able to compost your first draft of the resume in minutes. Using Resume Builder is like building with Lego, all the components for a successful resume are included and in an easy step by step fashion. You could even search for key phases for your bullet points based on your profession. It is easy to write a cover letter just as a resume with Resume Builder with all the steps made easy for you. I would continue to use this service for my job search needs.
-Sean Chang

Resume Companion is a great service to use when looking for a job! I was able to go into my account at any time and change my resume and have a professional resume writer look over it before sending it out. My professional resume writer was Jessica and she was great at helping me at all the stages of the job searching process including tips on how to interview! Overall this is a great service and I am very pleased with the outcome! Thank you Resume Companion!
-Pamela Saul

My husband and I are anxiously anticipating fulfilling a long term dream; we'll be moving to Hawaii following our child's graduation from high school! After 24 years in the same job, I searched the web for a little help in navigating the best path to writing my resume. I happened upon the "Resume Companion" website and found exactly the help I was had been seeking. Not only did I get valuable tips and templates for beginning to build a resume, I got prompt professional assistance from a resume consultant. "Joe" reviewed my initial resume attempt and within 24 hours responded with very valuable and pertinent suggestions for improving my presentation. After resubmitting my improved resume version, "Joe" again responded in less than 24 hours! My resume is now complete and I can't wait to put it to use! I would recommend "Resume Companion" to anyone needing assist with preparing the best resume possible! Thanks, Joe!

I am so excited about the support that I have received at Resume Companion. They have provided me with excellent and timely feedback. I would recommend their services to anyone pursuing or wishing to advance in their career.
-Stacy Frenchwood, Satisfied Client

Resume Companion did an outstanding job helping me write my resume. They assigned someone to help me, who always replied to my requests in a timely manner. I didn't have to read through several resume books wondering if I was going to get it right. I have secured a job with a gov't services company overseas. Thank you!
-Regards, Jim Schield

I just wanted to say thank you so much! I found out that my store was closing in June and a family member sent me a magazine article about your website. I opened an account and started working on my resume. My store closed at the end of August and I had one of your consultants review my resume and she provided invaluable advice. I applied to my dream job the first week of September and after undergoing several interviews with them I'm happy to report that I was hired. Had it not been for resume companion I don't feel I would have been able to land my dream job and I wanted to thank you so much for providing such a wonderful service.
-Tracy L. McCarty

The service that I received from Resume Companion was superb. I would recommend their services to all of my family and friends. I had the opportunity to work with Angie Smith and she was the best. She not only gave me great tips and ideas, but responded promptly to all of my concerns and needs regarding my resume. Thank you Resume Companion staff for helping me to succeed in my job search needs. When I land that great job, they will be the first ones to be notified. What a great experience!!!!
-Shakeerah Mcpherson

Just got not another interview! Thats 3! Monday this time. I just cant fit them all in. So this is how you play the game.
-Erica Holmes

I am so glad to have paid for your service. Angie has been great to deal with, and I feel so much more confident in finding a new job with the amazing help of Resume Companion. Thank You for all your help & I would highly recommend your company for anyone. Keep up the great service!
-Dave Rowland, Ontario, Canada

Just so you know your site is very useful and very easy to navigate. It has been a huge help in my job search!
-Jonathan Reilly worked closely with me in order to create a wonderful resume. After implementing the professional advice from Angie, (the certified resume writer) and within 2 weeks of submitting my new resume to various employers I had 5 job interviews to attend. By the end of the 4th week I had accepted an excellent salary package from a fortune 500 company and am greatly excited to be starting a new career.'s resume building tools allowed for constant swift improvements to be made without fuss, giving me the opportunity to instantly tailor a specific resume to any job posting. Getting the application in early proved vital to establishing speedy relations with potential employers. One employer during the interview even commented on, in her words 'my beautiful resume'. Thank you and thank you Angie for taking alot of the pressure off me during an already stressful period. Your the best. I have already recomended you to a number of friends.
-James Parker, UK

I recently used Resume Companion to create a resume. I put together what I thought was a good resume and sent it in to be reviewed. I had NO idea that the support I received could generate the type of resume that I now have. The support was extremely professional and in less than three days I received the team's feedback. I have sent in many revisions and each time they have given me great ideas to ensure a professional resume. There is no way I could have prepared something like this and will definitely be spreading the word about this fantastic service.
-Mary Rumsey

Resume Companion has been of great service to both myself and my wife. I will strongly recommend them to anyone putting together either their first resume. Or someone looking to update their existing information. Thank you Resume Companion for making the task so easy.
-Mark N.

I am an older lady who wanted to rejoin the work force. I really needed some expert advice to put together a resume that would highlight the work I had done and connect with current work trends. I found that the suggestions on your site were instrumental in meeting my needs. I had several interviews and the second month after posting my resume I was able to choose between 2 different positions. I’m currently employed and I want to thank you. You were a big help!
-Janet M.

I’m from Germany and needed a English resume and fast. I came across Resume Companion and it was perfect! I was able to create a great English resume and populate it with my own experience in a matter of minutes. I highly recommend this product to anyone who needs a resume.
-Peter S.