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Fall 2014 Scholarship - Latest News and Updates

Posted on Aug 11 By Howard Davies.

Spring 2014 Scholarship Winners Announcement!

We announce the scholarship finalists and runners-up for the Spring 2014 semester. Read some funny and entertaining resumes, including Porky-Pig, Kris Kringle and Nostradamus!

Posted on Dec 20 By Howard Davies.

10 Celebrity Resumes Released! Leaked by Resume Companion!

Homer Simpson's Resume

The Spring 2014 resume submissions from our scholarship contestants were creative, hilarious, and funny.

Check them out inside!

Posted on Dec 18 By Mark Slack.

Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Professional Resume Writer

Ever wonder what it takes to become a professional resume writer? Looking to make a little extra money? Check out this guide to becoming a professional resume writer if the answer to either of those questions was yes! 

Posted on Dec 09 By Erik B..

The 5 Best Career Objective Posts on the Web

We have scoured the web so you don't have to. Read the best articles about writing a career objective and how this section is changing.

Posted on Dec 02 By Joe Flanagan.

Why The Font You Choose For Your Resume Matters

Resume Fonts

Sometimes it's the smallest things that make all the difference, well, writing your resume is one of those times. Check out this in-depth analysis on resume fonts, formatting and how they can work together to dictate the potential of your resume in ways you may not have known. 

Posted on Nov 27 By Erik B..

5 Traits of Successful Job Seekers

tried my best got a job success kid

Successful job seekers share many of the same traits. Here are 5 critical ones that you should learn to help your job search.

Posted on Oct 30 By Mark Slack.

Follow Up Email Advice: How Pushy Is Too Pushy?

Ever wondered how and when you should send follow up emails while seeking employment? Wonder no more. We have a complete breakdown in this blog post.

Posted on Oct 24 By Mark Slack.

The Resume Question Roundup

Welcome to the next edition of the Resume Question Roundup. If you've got a question, we've got an answer.

Posted on Oct 23 By Mark Slack.

How to Prepare for and Ace an Interview

how to prepare interview cat

Need to prepare for an interview? Here's exactly what you need to do in 10 simple steps to prepare for and ace your interview.

Posted on Oct 22 By Mark Slack.