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Welcome To The Resume Resources Section

Welcome to the resume resource section. If you want to learn all about resumes, you’ve come to the right place. This section of our website is designed to teach, inform, and guide you along the process of writing your resume, as well as cover letters and business letters. Here, I’ll give a brief description of each link on the left.

Resume Writing Basics

We recommend that you begin by clicking on the Resume Writing Basics link in the toolbar on the left. In there, you will learn about resume formatting, resume sections, how to choose a resume style appropriate to your experience and industry, as well as many other tips to help you get started on your resume.

Reading through the whole guide will give you a complete understanding of the fundamentals of resume writing.

Resume Guides by Industry

Next, we recommend that you click on the Resume Guides by Industry link in the toolbar on the left. There, you can search for your industry, and read a resume guide tailored to your profession. These are complete guides, going over every single section of each industry resume in depth.

Underneath the guides, we even have several resume samples targeting specific jobs. That way, if you’re not sure about how a resume in your profession should look, you can scan over our samples and get inspiration.

Cover Letter Samples

Resume Companion also has a cover letter builder. In the Cover Letter Samples section, we’ve used our software to write cover letters for people in all walks of life. We give examples of cover letters from current students, recent graduates, professionals, managers, and even executives. For those of you with little education and work experience, we have a section on “functional” cover letters to help you cover up those gaps.

For more information about how to write a cover letter, click here.

Business Letter Samples

Last but not least, we have a section showing the power of our business letter builder. We can help you write business letters that cover every situation you can imagine. In the Business Letter Samples section, we have sample letters ranging from asking for basic referrals, to asking for professional references, and even to responding to a job rejection. It’s all covered. In all, there are 19 kinds of business letters we can help you write with our automatic software. Give this link a click if you’d like to see the samples for yourself.

We thank you for visiting Resume Companion, and we hope you find our free resources useful. If you have any questions, feel free to send Tweets at us, and we’ll answer them pronto.