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Administrative, Clerical, and Secretary Resume Samples and Tips

Welcome to the Administrative, Clerical, and Secretarial Resume Samples and Tips page.


Receptionist Administrative Assistant Resume Sample Human Resources Administration Resume Sample

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I. Skills to Include on your Resume

II. How to Write an Administrative Assistant Resume

III. Administration Resume Sample (From the Resume Builder)

IV. Even More Resume Samples


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I. Skills To Include on your Administrative Assistant, Secretary, or Clerical Resume


Most companies and organizations would not be able to manage workflow correctly without at least one administrative assistant. The term “administrative assistant” is a broad term that houses both secretarial and clerical jobs. Although secretaries and clerical workers have different job responsibilities, they nonetheless need many of the same skills and traits to succeed.


Computer Skills: A successful candidate will have knowledge of both Mac and PC. This means knowing how to manipulate both operating systems to use software, create and save files, connect to the Internet, and fix minor technical issues.


Software Skills: Classically, most administrative assistants will be familiar with the Microsoft Office Suite, though Mac and other companies now have widely used software, too. Word Processing software is the most important to know how to use, so that you can create, read, and edit documents per your manager’s instructions. Creating slideshows and presentations, spreadsheets, managing emails, and possibly using budget software may also be necessary for your job.


Internet Skills: You may be required to do heavy research or information archival using the Internet. You may need to have a familiarity with many different web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Opera, or Internet Explorer. Moreover, you’ll need to know how to use search engines like Google and Bing, find relevant and authoritative information, create bookmarks, enter login details, and master other Internet related skills.


Communication Skills: Administrative workers need to be able to take phone calls, follow instructions from their bosses quickly an effectively, and fluidly report back on their progress. Part of having good communications skills is being able to ask good questions. Unsuccessful secretaries and clerical workers tend to not ask questions, and will often do work incorrectly due to misunderstandings that they should have clarified.


Having working knowledge of these skills makes you a formidable candidate for this line of work. In the next section, we'll teach you how to write each section of your resume, and how to present yourself as more than a candidate with just skills, but as someone who achieves.


good boss administrative assistant raise


II. How to Write an Administrative Assistant Resume (Secretary and Clerical)


1. Contact Details: The only part of this that may surprise you is that you should add your LinkedIn profile to your resume.


  • First Name – Surname
  • Your permanent address
  • Telephone and cell phone numbers
  • E-mail address
  • Your LinkedIn profile (optional)


2. Career Objective: The career objective section of a resume should be short and impactful. It should be no more than two sentences. Ideally it should include the following information:


  • How long you’ve been an administrative assistant.
  • A brief explanation of the duties you’ve mastered.
  • The software / job skills that your job requires.


Here’s an example for you to follow:


  • Administrative Assistant with 7 years of experience preparing immaculate presentations with Microsoft Suite software, organizing facility reports, and always respecting confidentiality. Possess a B.A. in English and CPA training.


However, If you have extensive work experience, like over 5 years in a senior administrative position, consider creating a summary of qualifications instead of a career objective.


3. Professional Experience: In this section, mostly stick to your achievements at work. Is there anything you’re particularly proud of that you accomplished? Maybe you managed a budget, and even saved money with some efficiency programs you initiated? If you maintain a database, how large it is? How big is the volume of correspondence you deal with daily? How well have you met deadlines? Define if you are a public or private administrator, the size of the team you manage, and whether you've met other company goals and targets.


The professional experience section of a resume should always be written in reverse-chronological order. That means your most recent experience should be placed at the top.


Each section should begin with the name of the company that you worked for, your job title, followed by the period of time that you worked at the company. Underneath this information, include bullet points explaining your duties and accomplishments while performing this job. ALWAYS begin each bullet point with a verb.


Prioritizing your professional experience, and which bullets you include under each experience will help you better fit a variety of experiences on your resume. For example, if you mention one responsibility on a previous experience, you do not have to mention that responsibility again on a more recent experience as it will be assumed you can perform said responsibility as you have done it previously.


The yellow highlights indicate high impact verb-phrases that will catch the attention of hiring managers. The green highlights indicate where the experience has been "quantified," which means that clarifying numerical values have been included, making it easier for hiring managers to understand the scope of your job duties.


Administrative Assistant Resume Format Tips


The first bullet point in every section should be the most impressive and impactful. Accomplish this by including numbers that reflect the size of your company, the volume of duties you performed, the percentage you increased company efficiency / sales, etc. Most people do not include this kind of numerical information, and hiring managers WILL notice it.


4. Education: In this section, write the name of the school that you attended, where it was located, and the title of your degree. If you had a GPA of 3.5 or above (out of 4), include the number. If you were awarded or had a scholarship, include that information too. See the photo below for how the education section can be formatted.


Administration Resume Format Guide


5. Additional Skills: Refer to the first section of this page to see what kind of skills you may have, or need to be a successful secretary or clerical worker. Administrative assistants are especially valuable if they have the following skills:


  • Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office Software (and other software skills like QuickBooks or SAP.)
  • A fast typing speed
  • Multilingual Abilities
  • Ability to write and speak clearly without mistakes
  • Maintaining both digital and hard copy records, files, and reports.


Consider including any of these, or more, if you have them


6. Certifications and Licenses: You may have certificates linked to computer software that can be formatted on your resume. Click that link to learn more, as this can vastly improve your resume.


**Bonus: Common Keywords Found on Administrative Assistant Resumes: Keywords are pretty critical for resumes sent to large corporations, as many of them use what are called applicant tracking systems, or ATS for short. Know how to optimize your resume for these robots and you'll increase your odds of getting your resume in the hands of a human being. Click this link to read about ATS, and how to beat them.


Consider using action verbs such as:


  • Controlled
  • Managed
  • Organized
  • Delegated
  • Handled
  • Processed
  • Coordinated
  • Executed
  • Generated
  • Prepared
  • Organized
  • Retrieved
  • Systematized
  • Classified
  • Approved
  • Prioritized
  • Recommended
  • Analyzed
  • Cataloged
  • Administered
  • Reviewed


III. Administrative Resume Sample (From the Resume Builder)


The resume sample below depicts a professional woman, Jane Smith, working as an administrative assistant.  In the 6+ years she’s been working, she’s racked up a great amount of experience, which has allowed her to write an impressive resume.

It is written in reverse-chronological format, with her most recent work experience placed at the top, followed by an “Education” section and finally the “Additional Skills” section. This resume would impress any hiring manager. Although she begins hers with a “Career Objective” section, the amount of experience that she has gained could also be presented in the beginning with a “Qualifications Summary”.



You may be surprised to see that this resume was actually automatically written by our resume writing software in less than 15 minutes. Is it really possible that a resume this professional and complete could be so easily created?

Our software works by accessing a giant pool of job descriptions related to every profession you can imagine. Read our resume builder features page for an in-depth look at how this works.

In Jane Smith’s example, when she started using our resume writing software, she input that she works as an Administrative Assistant. Our software then retrieved every single job description she could possibly have been responsible for in her profession. Then she literally picked out from a large list of automatically written job descriptions, clicking the ones that were relevant to her.


Below, we have even more resume samples for you to look through.


IV. Administrative Assistant, Secretary, and Clerical Worker Resume Samples


Click any of the resume sample thumbnails below to expand them for easier reading.


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Administrative, clerical, and secretary resume samples and tips (Sorted A - Z)